Raid 1 twice on one machine

I'm looking for a soloution to backup two 2TB drives with another two 2TB drives in raid 1 for a media server. If I can do this I'd also like to know if I can use another single drive (no raid)for the OS.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Any backup or cloning software will do that.
    Windows sees a RAID drive as a single drive.
    Paragon is excellent software for this purpose.
    Clonezilla is excellent free software, if you can understand it.
    You can mix RAID drives with single drive in the system.
  2. Thanks Evon,

    So are you saying I can do it with software alone without a raid configuration. or that the software will work with the raid?
  3. You can backup the RAID array as well as a single drive.
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