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Hey, I recently purchased a second graphics card to compliment my current one in SLI configuration. I got all of the details sorted out EXCEPT for the fact that I'm not sure how to get power to the GPU. I have a six-pin connector that translates to 2 4-pin molnex connectors. My main question: There are two free molnex opposite slots floating around the power cable configuration. One is white, and one is black. Both are offshoot cables of other cables. Can I plug the two Molnex from the 6-pin to 2x4-pin into those or does it have to be a more direct connection? And is black usable or off limits? Both of the free cable connectors are "leftovers" from the fan power system, I think.

If i can just use those, please tell me. Otherwise, what kind of cable would I need to buy to connect my 6-pin/2x4-pin adapter directly to the PSU?

Here's the PSU model: (I know, its budget)
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  1. What video card is it?
  2. Both cards are 8800 GTS 640.
  3. Sometimes, PSUs have molex connectors designated for fans and are different colors than the rest. These connectors usually have a lower power throughput as fans don't need a lot of power. If that's the case with your system, definitely do not use them. I am curious though, your power supply says it comes with two 6-pin PCIE connectors. One is used by your existing 8800 GTS, but what happened to your other one?
  4. So you're asking if you can use another molex connector to plug the adaptor into? The PS specs say there are 6x4pin molex connectors, so why not use one of those?
  5. I think i solved it; I plugged the two 4-pins into 2 free "female" 4 pin connectors. Although they are attached to fan system wiring, it seems to work OK. Boot works fine and both cards are running perfectly well. I have yet to test a graphically intensive program.

    P.S. I have no idea what happened to the "other" PCI-E connection from the PSU. it just isn't there. At br3nd064; I am using the molex connectors from the PSU. One goes straight from 1 of the 2 4-pins to the PSU, the other connects to an offshoot of the fan system. Either way its OK. I'm pretty sure even if one of them isn't at full power it works, because the PCI-E slot gives a good amount of power

    Another question; i'm just curious: Do SATA cables provide any power? I could've sworn when I was testing something that I forgot to plug in the HDD power cable and it still ran even though SATA was the only connection...
  6. I don't think sata data cables provide any power, but I could be wrong.
  7. I've seen a SATA cable that, on one end, gets really wide and plugs into both the data and power pins on a hard drive. Other than that, no idea.
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