q9300 vs q 6600 vs amd phenom x4 9950

help me guys about this
which is better for gaming like gtaiv
also i can run my pc more then 4 or 5 days without shutting down
which is better for me?
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  1. At stock clocks the Q9300 is the fastest, then the Phenom9950 barely edges out the Q6600. Things change drastically if you overclock with the Q6600 taking the lead usually and then the Q9300 with the 9950 trailing behind.
  2. q 9300 is better than q 6600 ok but why
    the last level cache for q6600 is higher (8) then the q 9300?
  3. ...all about the benjamins, baby
  4. i dont understand?
    which deal is better q9300 or q6600
  5. Even though the Q9300 has less cache, it doesn't affect its performance significantly, usually allowing it to edge out the Q6600.

    Check this out: http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/cpu/display/core2quad-q9300_4.html#sect0

    Depending on the price of the two processors in your area, either one could be a better deal than the other. I just recently got a Q9300 for $180 USD. The Q6600 costs around the same, but the Q9300 was on sale.

    If you compare regular prices of around $189.99 for the Q6600, and $249.99 for the Q9300 on average in online stores, the better deal is hands down the Q6600.

    By the way, any quad core processor will be much better for running GTA4 over a Dual core. Also, the Q9300 is more energy efficient than the Q6600, so in that way, it'd be easier to leave it on over the course of several days.
  6. The 9300 is the best, but usually, it can only edge out the 6600 by a little. As a result, the 6600 is usually the best value, as it is often quite a bit cheaper than the 9300.
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