I think i have a motherboard problem

im having problems with my comptuers. everytime start my computer up it gets to the password screen for xp and it wont let me enter my password. the mouse doesnt move but the little blinking thing in the password area blinks. i thought it was my keyboard so i got a new one but its still doing the same. all this happened after i unistalled my graphic card driver.
i tryed to reinstall a copy of windows xp but at first it wouldnt let me delete the copy that was already install. after trying a couple of time the screen just turned blue. i reset my cmos but still the same thing. anyone have any clues.. i have a asus m2m sli deluxe mother board.
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  2. Do you have a USB keyboard? Is USB support enabled in the BIOS?
    Also, it helps if you list your system specs when you need help.....things like PSU brand, Ram, video card, CPU, etc.
  3. yeah i got a usb keybaord. i think its enable..i went and bought the standard keyboard and it stilll didnt work.
    but my specs are
    asus m2m sli deluxe mother board
    evga 8800 gtx graphic card
    2 gig gskill ram
    600 watt rosewell powersupply
    i think my processor is a 3.2 dual core amd
    anyone got any ideas on whats wrong?
  4. Its sounds like windows isn't recognizing your devices...try re-plugging the devices in at the login screen, that sometimes fixes the issue...

    You could also try safe mode (f8 at startup) or 'last known good configuration' to try to get something working....
  5. i tryed going into safe mode but it just freezes up at password screen. tryed last known configuration doesnt work. tryed reinstalling xp but i just get a blue screen or else a blue screen with white lines
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  9. Ok txiong, I'll try a bit more :>)

    Go into the Device Manager and delete/uninstall the graphic card and drivers. Reboot the computer and let it "re-find" your graphics card and reload the Windows drivers.
    If that doesn't help, try running Memtest to check on your Ram. I had two sticks of G.Skil that corrupted a Windows install by throwing errors.
    If Memtest passes, try running a HDD diagnostic to make sure your Hard drive isn't going bad.
    That "Rosewell" power supply might be an issue also. Could be underpowering your GPU or the whole system. Rosewill PSUs are not among the most reliable crowd.
    Good Luck!!

    Wait...are you without a working OS now?? Re-reading the thread, it looks like you tried to re-install XP and got a blue screen. Is anything working now??
  10. well thx for your info but i cant even do any of the things u listed up there cause i cant log into windows.freezes up on password screen. but nope its not working...im just gonna try to get new hard drive and see if i can install windows on it..i put in new memory that i bought but still same thing so im thinking it has something to do with my mother board
  11. txiong35,

    Ok, lets see....
    Can you get into the BIOS? This is done before Windows starts loading. Usually, you start repeatedly pressing the DELETE key just after you press the system power button. If you can get into the BIOS, find "Load Default Settings" and select. This should set all BIOS settings to factory specs for that motherboard. While in the BIOS, check to see if your harddrive is listed and that the date/time is correct.

    Memtest can be run without Windows. I run it from a floppy disk. Turn the system off. Insert the Memtest disk in the floppy drive. Push the power button. Usually, the system will boot tothe floppy and let you run Memtest.

    Most HDD diagnostic programs can be run in the same manner as Memtest. Again, this occurs before a Window load starts so we avoid problems with a bad Windows install.

    NOW, if you can't boot to a floppy, you may need to change boot order in the BIOS to have the floppy drive checked first.

    Your manual should help you with things like entering BIOS and where to find/change settings.

    I'll check back to see how things are going.
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