Hi i heard from somewhere that rams with over 1.8v and 1066 (pc2) 8500 doesnt work with am2/am2+ Mobos. Please tell me this isnt true... I hope it isnt true... cause if it is then i screwed myself, i just ordered the 1066 (pc2) 8500 rams with an am2/am2+ MOBO......because the one im getting is like 2.2 or 2.1v
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  1. Very few PC28500 DIMMS are rated at 1066MHz. @ 1.8v. You see the 1.8v on PC26400 800MHz. No problem with what you have provided your MB has voltage regulators and BIOS adjustment to simply set the voltage to 2.1-2.2v. Use one DIMM, go in to BIOS and adjust the voltage, speed and timings to MFG. specifications. Shut down and add the second DIMM.
  2. @Badge thanks,, but whats a DIMM? srry new
  3. (Dual In-Line Memory Module) A printed circuit board that holds memory chips and plugs into a DIMM socket on the motherboard. I have used the term as a quasi proper noun too. Like, 'DIMM sure are nice. I'd pay twenty buck to touch 'em!" I'll post a pic. :ouch:

  4. Ok thnx again =)
  5. I feel like I confused you. Sorry...if you list your system specifications, MB, CPU,RAM, etc. maybe someone can give you a 'I have that setup..." definitive answer. And welcome.
  6. I just built a 780G AM2+ system last week. I used eight GBs of PC26400 800MHz rated at 1.9v to make that 800MHz., but I could have just as well used the eight GBs of PC28000 1000MHz. I have in the My Cionfiguration system that needs 2.1v to make the 1000Mhz stated on the label. RAM data transfer rates (speeds) are adjustable in BIOS. It's the Mfg. that guarantees your PC28500 will run at 1066MHz. @ 2.2v. Need system specs.
  7. What I did with the 780G AM2+ micro build was bump the voltage to slightly over 1.9v to get the eight gigs of PC6400 800MHz to run at something over 840MHz. with a 200Mhz. overclock on the CPU. I like to use Cool and quiet because I like a cool and quiet system and I discovered my RAM downclocks along with the processor. Now that takes some getting used to after building C2D/C2Q systems for so long. I also use the speedstep feature there. Even with OC's.
  8. My specs are
    -AMD Phenom II X4 940 Deneb 3.0GHz
    -MSI DKA790GX Platinum AM2+/AM2 AMD 790GX
    -MSI R4850-T2D512 Radeon HD 4850 512MB 256-bit
    -Rosewill RP600V2-S-SL-S 600W
    -CORSAIR DOMINATOR 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 1066 (pc2) 8500

    @ badge So your saying i can raise my voltage up for my rams in bios, to get it to the 1066 stated on the label? is this also available to do on AMD overdrive? How much volts is good enough that it wont blow up or whatever?
  9. Quote:
    So your saying i can raise my voltage up for my rams in bios, to get it to the 1066 stated on the label?

    Yes, your BIOS will have RAM adjustments for voltage, speed and timings. The MB manual will describe the BIOS. Provided the BIOS version you are using has a setting for 1066MHz., you can run your RAM at that speed.

    Corsair rates your RAM to run at 1066MHz at 2.1v with timings of 5-5-5-15. These are the setting to use in the BIOS. The Manufacturer specs. or performance rating.

    is this also available to do on AMD overdrive? How much volts is good enough that it wont blow up or whatever?

    Not sure what you mean AMD overdrive. Your Phenom II 940 has a voltage rating of 0.875-1.5V. So it won't go boom up to 1.5v. Perhaps just focus on setting up the RAM first. Then after you get the hang of the functions of your BIOS, OCing your PII would be possible. Use caution when overvolting your hardware. Add more voltage in small increments and test for stability. But, you know your RAM is rated at 2.1v and your PII X4 Processor runs to specs with as little voltage as 0.875 and as much as 1.5v. The safe, no problem zones so to speak.
  10. When you build your system and go to the BIOS for the first time, the JEDEC default values for PC2 6400 RAM will be in place. Your RAM will be defaulted to 1.8v. The default speed will be less than 1066MHz. as standards dictate. The RAM should function at default until you can set it to top performance levels. You will have to manually set the RAM to the advertised speed, voltage and timings. 1066MHz., 2.1v. and 5-5-5-15 timings. Use one DIMM when you build the machine until you set up the RAM properly in BIOS. Then add the second DIMM.
  11. @badge thanks alot your information helped me alot i will start building my pc soon, just waiting for the rest of the parts to ship in...

    again thanks for taking your time to help me, maybe i can msg u somewhere if ever i need some further help? leme know . im going to sleep now =) 5:30am here g'nite
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