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Hi all,

Have quite an odd problem that I need help with. I was running an evaluation copy of windows 7 until recently due to the copy running out. I downloaded a torrent version of win 7 and installed that instead (illegal :/). It was working perfectly until this evening when i went to shut down and it installed all the updates. Since then on reboot it says I need to reinstall windows 7 (updates will have noticed that its an illegal copy) but oddly my PC is now not recognising my hard disk at all and now I cannot reinstall anything. I have also tried to reinstall an old copy of XP but again it says that there is no hard disk etc.

I have checked all connections etc. and my HD has 700 GB of space. Is it possible that win 7 updates screwed up my hard disk as i was using an illegal copy or is there another reason for this problem?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks alot
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  1. If the computer on startup states reinstall windows 7 then it does see the hard drive or else it would say "no hard disk found". You can verify by checking in the bios. As for xp not seeing the disk did you hit the f6 key and load the needed driver durring setup?
  2. on both Win 7 and XP it says that there is no hard drive. I have tried to load the driver during setup aswell but it still says that there is nothing there. i.e no driver found, it is incredibly odd. any ideas?
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