4870 BSOD on XP!! Need help!

Hey guys I just got my Diamond 4870 1GB card. I got all hyped up plugged in everything... Everything went well until I logged into windows... A sudden BSOD screen appeared. Here are the following steps I've performed to try to solve the issue:

1) boot into safe mode and remove my nvidia drivers (ops.. I forgot)
2) use Driver cleaner 3 (crossed fingers on hoping that would wipe the issue)
3) attempted to install catalyst 8.10 drivers in safe mode (denied by XP).
4) Update my bios (but I can't do it cause safe mode blocks my mobo from loading the flash utility

my specs:
Windows XP 32bit (SP3)
Asus P5Q
Corsair HX1000 (1000 watt PSU)

All suggestions are welcomed.
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  1. Solution:

    I've found a solution and hopefully anyone out there with this problem will now have a light shed upon.

    Thank god for the experience I've had with updating drivers on my laptop...This is actually very similar.

    1) Boot up in Safe mode with networking
    2) go to ati's website and download the latest catalyst drivers for 4800 series
    3) run the installation file (pay attention to the directory where you extract your files) [usually in C:\ATI\SUPPORT\(catalyst driver version here)] see * below for my example of Catalyst 8.10
    3) Go to start -> control panel -> system
    4) Select "hardware" tab -> Device manager
    5) double click on "other devices" and you should see Unknown VGA card (or something of that sort)
    6) right click on "unknown VGA card" and select "update driver". When prompted "can windows connect to Windows update to search for new drivers" say "yes, this time only"
    7) Select "Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)"
    8) Select "include this location" and type in the directory of where your video card was plus "\XP_INF" (see ** below for example) in the end and press next

    * example:

    ** Example:
    what I mean by add "\XP_INF" is
  2. Ok a new pt2 problem appeared. I noticed after installing far cry hotfix drivers I'm starting to get random BSODs in games. It doesn't happen right away but more like around 30 mins or gaming or so =/
  3. have the same problem, going to try this out.
    Except I have a 4870 + gigabyte x48-ds4 board
  4. Update: BSOD was result of improper CPU overclocking. After running OCCT and adjusting the voltages, everything now runs smooth.
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