How to connect PC with extended hard drive wirelessly without a network (1 lap t

how to connect PC with extended hard drive wirelessly without a network (1 lap top to 1 exended hard drive)
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  1. May be I should clarify a little: I recenty bought Seagate 1Tb extended HD where I keep my video library.....ALso, I am using Wireless connection from my Lap Top to flat screen TV. Extended hard drive is placed next to TV stand. The idea is to wirelessly get access to extended HD and then wirelessly send signal from PC to TV (this part is already working thanx to Warpia Wireless.
    Let me know if I am way out of my league....:)
  2. I'm trying to understand this...

    You use a wireless connection to display things from your laptop to your TV? You want to wirelessly access your 1tb drive, correct? Is it a network drive? I don't know of many (any?) drives that connect over wifi - they'd need a wireless chip/card. While it is technically possible, I think the hard drive would have to be wireless-ready, or plugged in to a wireless router/switch.
  3. well, can't the wireless chip be connected through USB port?
  4. no, it's not a network drive...just a regular external drive which I normally connect to lap top via USB, if I put wireless receiver/transmitter into respective USB - wouldn't I be able to access the HD?
  5. The external hard drive doesn't have an operating system, so I don't know how plugging in a wireless devices to it would make it work.

    You can get drives that are can be attached directly to the network (more like a NAS), but I don't think there is any way to do what you are trying to do without getting a different hard drive, or by directly connecting to the wireless access point/router/switch
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