No HD found during windows 7 install...

This is my first post here, however ive used this site many times for pc help and my questions were usually answered with a simple search. Unfortunately thats not the case this time. Im building a pc for someone and Ive ran into a few problems. Here we go:

First off, I bought this motherboard;

One major reason why I bought this mobo is because of the H55 technology. I saved a few bucks not having to buy an independent GPU. Boy what a mistake. I put the entire PC togeither without a single problem and fired it up. There was no picture and the mobo beeps indicated that there was a graphics display problem. For those that dont know, the new H55 doesnt need an onboard graphics controller nor an independent GPU, the chipset supposedly does it all if you have an i series CPU, in which I do. I bought this CPU:

There was nothing I could think of to do but install an independent GPU. Luckily I had an old PCI GPU that I could use, so I installed that. It WORKED!!! I was finally able to get into my bios and actually have something to work with. I enabled the onboard function in the bios and checked the mobo manual, thats the only thing I could find to do. I still couldnt get the "onboard" HDMI, DVI, or VGA to work. Guess I need to buy a GPU?

So after all of this BS I decided to install my OS, which is windows 7 32bit. I figured with the OS installed I could have something to work with and maybe tinker with all of the settings and get it to work. Here is the MAJOR problem! Windows 7 installation could not reconize my hard drive!!! I bought this HDD;

Win7 install just says it cannot detect any Hard Drives installed. I can see a HD in the bios but not in the win7 installation. Win7 asks for a driver, I use the gigabyte mobo drivers disc and it says NO workable drivers are available. I downloaded the latest from gigabyte and still the same thing. Ive never heard of a HD driver, its asking for chipset drivers, right? There didnt used to be such thing as an HD driver anyway. The only thing I can think is a DOA HDD? Perhaps my Mobo is the problem? Can I run a diagnostics on the HD to see if its DOA? I am so pissed!!! Any help with either problem would be SO appreicated you wouldnt even believe!!!

BTW...I wasnt sure where to post this, should I post this in graphics and displays as well? I wanted to post both questions togeither just in case they are related for some reason.

Thanks in advance...
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    The motherboard is designed for a pcocessor with on chip graphics. Or on the CPU.
    The processor package has one chip for cpu and one chip for graphics in the same package. It is not on the motherboard. You should have purchased one of the new 32nm Clarksdale CPU's which have the on pacage GPU.

    Make sure your drive is plugged into the SATA-0 slot, Top right when board is mounted in case. I assume you also hooked up the SATS power commector to the drive.
    New egg is down so I can not check the drive you purchased .Go into the bios and check the on chip SATA mode. Some need ACHI and some need SATA-IDE selected.
  2. Man, that was quite stupid on my part! DAMN!!! I didnt realize that only clarksdale CPU's were supported, I see now. Oh well.

    I tried both ACHI and SATA-IDE in my bios settings and no luck. Yes, drive is plugged into SATA-0 slot. I also tried all other slots. I also tried another SATA cable just in case. I also have a SATA power connector hooked up to HD. I think the newegg link I pasted is broken, here is another:

    Here it is on the Seagate website:

    I assume its DOA? I suppose I could run seatools before I RMA?

    Thanks Rick, you made my crappy day a little less crappier!
  3. Done the seatools test and it reconized and passed the HD on the short test. Doing the long test right now. I suppose its not DOA? If not then why the hell wont windows installment reconize it? Anyone have any ideas what I might be doing wrong?
  4. Long test finally got done and it passed. Still yet windows installation wont reconize the HD. Im stumped. Anyone?
  5. Just tried to install XP on the drive. Setup reconized the HD, but formating failed. Said disc may be damaged. Im begining to think its DOA again. If so why would the seatools tests pass it?
  6. try formatting the drive to NTFS yourself. The hard drive might have come with a cd if not I found a program although i've never tried it myself
  7. lol this is a lesson on the reasons you need to Read The Box and check specs online, befor you buy :)
  8. paigeinfull said:
    try formatting the drive to NTFS yourself. The hard drive might have come with a cd if not I found a program although i've never tried it myself

    I cant seem to format it myself, it must be dead. Ive got UBC 3.4 but and it did me no good. Guess I could try 4.1 and see if it works any better. Thanks...
  9. steadfast1984 said:
    lol this is a lesson on the reasons you need to Read The Box and check specs online, befor you buy :)

    Well, the HD is supposed to work just fine with my mobo. As for the CPU...I should have been paying more attension. I thought it stated all i series CPU's, not just clarkdale's. Guilty as charged. :(
  10. I finally got it to work!!! I done a full erase with seatools, took about 3-4 hours and once it was done windows 7 installation reconized it. It wouldnt let me format it or anything until I erased, WTF? I swear I didnt try to format it or anything before I attempted to install windows, dont know why this happened. What could have been on a brand new HD that would not let me format it? Oh well, its fixed now!!! It seems to be a great HD, hopefully I wont have any problems with it. All I have to do now is get another video card and Im all set! Thanks everyone!!!
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