Creating a Home Media Streaming Server

Ok, I don't know what the hell I'm doing but I'm trying to learn. What I want to do is setup an Apache Server to stream my Media Files and Video through a Web Browser and I think I'm kind of close but alas I'm going no where. So I'm turning to the best for help and maybe I'll learn a few things along the way.
It kind of started with this:
and I thought now that would be cool to do.

First the Facts:
I run a DSL to a Modem/Router that has 864+ up and 3.3 MB's Down.

The Router is a Actiontec GT704-WG The Address is dynamic thus it is changing but not alot as I don't shut down the Router except once a month and connect to open DNS.
The Router address is (but you could already guess that).

Computer 1 is hosting the Media Files on Drive H. The OS is Vista Home Premium 64bit.
The Address is Static:

Computer 2 doesn't host anything but serves more as a backup. The OS is Windows XP 2nd Edition
The Address is

I'm pretty sure I loaded XAMPP right and configured NetJukebox alright but when I type the address plus Netjukebox I get a 404 error. ie I type I get the 404 error.

So Help...please.
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  1. The silence pretty much sums it up in that if I had followed the directions exactly there should be no real reason why I shouldn't be able to get into my network from the outside.
    I'll take it that my router is fubar and I need to replace it.
  2. No, did you forward port 8080 to If you read the whole article, it's mentioned in the comments.
  3. Yeah, I did. I'm going to try a new Router on Wednesday and see if I can get somewhere with that.
  4. Are you trying to access your Media Server from with your network? Try it from an outside connection.
  5. From the outside and can't get pass the router. I think the port forwarding is screwed up.
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