Stuck at oc 3.4ghz with Prescott 630 , Want to push on!

Well i learned to overclock my pc just some time ago
but now i am kinda stuck at point,
my CPU doesnt boot on anything over 3.45Ghz...
i tried few voltages but none work... & the most overclocked speed i got was 3.4Ghz
& many times i have experienced no display on monitor [Wher i needed to reset the BIOS manually by removing battery]
I want to push to 3.75Mhz

here are my successful attempts
1] @Base clock 227Mhz - 1.2V - Stable
FSB RAM ratio 5:4
Current FSB : 908

2]@Base Clock 230Mhz - 1.225V - mostly stable [some issues]

3]@BC : 232Mhz - 1.225v / 1.50v / 1.2125v / 1.30v These voltages worked... most stable amongst these were 1.2125 & 1.30 But none of them were stable to run programmes!

System Info : With help of CPU-Z

Intel P4 HT : 630 Prescott 775LGA socket / 90nm @ 3Ghz
Core VID 1.420V
Family F, Model 4, Stepping A Revision R0
L2Cache 2MB

Mainboard : Intel : i865P / PE / G / i848P
Southbridge : Intel : 82801EB [ICH5]
Phoenix Thech Bios Ver 6.00 PG

Memory : DDR Ram 400 @ 1GB
Max Bandwidth PC3200 [200Mhz]
Voltage 2.5V
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  1. Few things seem odd here:

    1) VID is 1.42v yet you try to OC the cpu and lower the voltage?
    2) 200 Mhz memory may not go much higher than that, put it on 1:1 ratio first of and you can try relaxing the timings as well

    Watch the temperatures and test stability with something like Prime95 or Orthos. Just because it runs without bluscreens doesnt mean its stable.
  2. Isnt VID not Core Voltage?

    My PC runs at 1.2 ~1.3 V at default settings [Observed 4m Everest] - Plus i serched the net & found that Prescott runs below 1.28V
    At 1:1 ratio i didnt even go above 3Ghz... it doesnt startup...
    so I went to 5:4 Ratio, Wher by calculations my DDR 400, at 5:4 ratio must be able to boot upto
    & Last thing i did manage to push stability at 3.5Ghz...
  3. VID is the DEFAULT voltage at stock clock, so Intel guarantees that your CPU will run at 3ghz with 1.42v thrughout the warranty period. Anything below is in theory undervolting the cpu.

    As for ram, i dont know about your calculations but with 1:1 ratio and FSB 200Mhz your ram runs at 200Mhz which is its specified frequency. Any higher fsb and/or ratio will take it beyond its spec, how that helps stability i have no idea.
  4. Aah Well then the CPU-Z Given the wrong VID or i think it was for motherboard
    Cause when i go above 4V i dont even get display on my Monitor!!
    I'm sure my default core voltage is something between 1.2~1.3 [As long as i know ther in function on Intel chips to adjust voltage according to load]
    & I'm sure about RAM tht most of RAMs's dont support going over their own specified frequency...& provide stability!!
    this ends up in failure! even i observed it! so i use 5:4 Ratio
  5. well i had a cedar mill pentium 4 ht 631, i increased the voltage by .1 or so and my fsb used to be around 245, overall those processors over clock really well, but to be honest id keep it at 3.4, u wont see any improvements in performance. at anythin over 4.0Ghz my performance would actually drop in games.
  6. Well Im not sure how could I help, I have never really dealt with ht P4, jumped from P3 to DualCore. Maybe its as high as this p4 is willing to go or maybe its the mobo
  7. Alas!
    Neway i'll see if i can do something about temp, without a huge upgrade, sins summer is coming the weather will be 43C+ !
    maybe its the ram though... its not branded i guess... the comp manufacturerz are con men these days!
    though overclocking it helps a bit, except stability, when the full speed is not needed the prosessor drops the core multiplier from 15 to 12...
    weirdly which means the cpu stays cooler 16 hours a day n hot just when the full speed of prosessor is needed!

    Thanks neway
  8. Ditch the crappy board and get a GOOD cooler since that is the weak link in your rig.
  9. Well i wouldnt wanna buy new cooling or board, cause prise of single items overwhelms the pries of Assembled PC's!!
    So i woudnt wanna spend $150 on MoBo n Cooling, when i can get new pc in $200!
  10. cookymadrid said:
    Well i wouldnt wanna buy new cooling or board, cause prise of single items overwhelms the pries of Assembled PC's!!
    So i woudnt wanna spend $150 on MoBo n Cooling, when i can get new pc in $200!

    You simply don't know how to shop for parts, eBay, Newegg, and many more place both online and old style some times have great opportunities. The other day I picked up a e6600 for only $51 off a local store. :kaola:
  11. I know where to shop!
    But importing stuff to india costs about 20% Tax plus 90-100 days in the tax department for clearance :P
    N the local stores here only keep stuff they feel is profiting them the most! or is more popular... & with computer knowledge only available to IT guys... you can guess!
    We havent even got a single AGP card after GeForce 6200! Guys here tell me that they will have to change RAM & Processor & power supply if i upgrade my MO-Bo... [Sadly i cant fit all the motherboard stuff] But i have seen lots of Mobos which would work with all that i have except the Ram!
    & Neither do we have most of cooling stuff in retail market!
  12. My old and now Server Rig that is using that same ol Intel 630!
    I have it OCed at 3.8Ghz stable.
    Here is my server rig settings:

    Asus Maximus Formula SE
    Intel P4 630 HT 3.0Ghz
    4x 1Gb OCZ FlexXLC EX PC2-9600 DDR2-1200 Dual Channel
    Enermax Galaxy DXX 1000W

    Bus Speed: 253MHz
    FSB Speed: 1012MHz
    Vcore: 1.40V
    DRAM SPD: 506MHz
    Multiplier: 15x

    Resulted Core Speed: 3800MHz (3.8GHz)

    I could even push it at 4.0Ghz at vcore 1.55V but gets pretty hot and toasty! So I left it at 3.8GHz!!!
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