SSD new build, is it worth it?

Hello gurus,

I too have decided to prove my many (or manly?) skills by building a PC.

I'm still sourcing, (mainly eBAy) but I've started with an xps 630 shell and 650SLI mobo, a Q9450 and 4gig reapers. No GPU yet. I have 2x 500gb 32mb Barracudas for music and video.

I'm not a gamer, but video work would be cool, it's basically a media system. I like speed, but I also want quiet.

My question is how much difference does a high speed disk like a velociraptor make to my day to day life? (the quiet, speedy part)

If a primary drive does make a difference then I was also considering using an SSD as a primary drive. Is a 64gb SSD worth it?

Thanks for your views.
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  1. That Q9450 might not work in your 650i SLI motherboard--some Nvidia motherboards have issue with 45nm Quads (although duals are fine)---I picked up a 680i EVGA TR revision board and have issues with 45nm quads (& Overclocking).

    I contacted EVGA for a replacement board/bios, but by the time i realized what was goign on, they weren't willing to help me out free of charge.

    I'm still happy with my E4300 @ 3.2ghz though.
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