8700 GT vs 9400M GS

I'm looking at 2 laptops, that have different video cards and processors. One has the Intel T7400cpu the other Intel P8400. I can't seem to find benchmark info for the P8400 to compare against the T7400. Can anyone tell me how significant the performance difference of the T7400 has over the P8400?

Mostly normal applications, but doing video editing using Adobe Premiere 4.0 that is currently cpu bound on my AMD Turion 64x2 laptop.

Video cards are diff as well:
T7400 ------> Nvidia 8700 GT 512MB
P8400 ------> Nvidia 9400m GS 1024MB

the benchmarks I have found are contradictory on video....one has them very close overall, another had the 8700 GT with a ~25% advantage.

The price tags are very close once I removed the expensive ram upgrade, so I'm trying to determine which way to go.
Thank you in advance!
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  1. The P8400 is faster than the T7400 and I would recocmmend that laptop for what you want.

    The 8700GT is faster for gaming, but will not help what you want to do.
  2. Thanks, zen. Much appreciated.
  3. Yup,8700MGT is faster than 9400MGS
  4. Maziar said:
    Yup,8700MGT is faster than 9400MGS

    What he said. Unless you just want to quit gaming all together, I just can't see any reason to go with the 9400 over the previous generation 8700M GT.
  5. I'm not doing any gaming....but video editing and am looking for the best mix of features for my budget. Yes, one laptop is geared for gaming which I thought might be a good option. But it sounds as if those optimizations for gaming, don't help in video encoding. thanks for your reply.
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