Need feedback/advice on this new rig

Hi the parts I'm thinking of getting are as follows:

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 3.16 6MB - $199.95

Motherboard: Asus P5Q-E LGA 775 (crossfire enabled) - $169.95

Case: Antec Nine Hundred - $94.95

Video Card: HIS Radeon HD4850 512 MB DDR3 - $189.95

Power Supply: Corsair 650W 120mm Fan - $89.95

Hard drive: Western Digital Caviar SE16 640GB 7200 RPM - $79.95

Memory: Mushkin HP2-6400 High Performance DDR2 SDRAM (5-4-4-12) 1.8v, 4GB Dual Pack - $74.95

Total Cost without tax: $899.65

I was wondering if anyone can please give me feedback about this build. Is it worth the money? Would I be able to overclock this system any good? Also, are any other parts missing that I need to overclock this? Any suggestions and feedback would be very helpful. Thanks!
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  1. Just a few tweaks:

    DFI LANPARTY DK X38-T2R LGA 775 Intel X38 ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail

    XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 120mm Rifle CPU Cooler - Retail

    XIGMATEK ACK-I7753 Retention Bracket For 4 heatpipes model only - Retail

    The X38 will allow for real x16/x16 crossfire, in case you ever decide to have a crossfire setup (and will overclock better). Definitely worth the money and definitely be able to overclock with ease.
  2. ^ 2nd'ed except for the mobo. It may not be as easy to overclock as some other makes if you're new to overclocking. Either ASUS, GIGABYTE or MSI. If you want X38, look into GA-EX38-DS4. May not be available at the eggs.
  3. so should i stick with the current mobo in my build: Motherboard : Asus P5Q-E LGA 775 (crossfire enabled) - $169.95

    Does this have x16/x16 crossfire? if not is it really a big difference? because i do plan on using crossfire. thanks for the replies btw.
  4. oh and also, as for the cooling, i cannot find it available anywhere in canada, can you guys suggest another method of cooling that would provide about the same as the Xigmatek.. please keep in mind that i do plan on OC'ing the cpu

    My options for cooling are as follows:
    Scythe SHURIKEN Low-Profile CPU Cooler -

    Zalman CNPS9700 NT Ultra Quiet CPU Cooler for Socket 775 -

    Also, would I need retention brackets for those coolers mentioned above?

    If you guys have time can u take a look at:

    to see which cooling would be best for the items i have above.. also another newbie question: would I need to apply thermal paste, or anything else for cooling?

    Thanks again!
  5. If you're planning on doing crossfire then I recommend you get an X38 motherboard, ALL P45 boards are limited to x8/x8, it's a chipset limitation.

    Yes, you would have to apply thermal paste, my personal recommendation is arctic silver ceramique. I guess if those are your options, then go for the Zalman one.
  6. ah do u know if the x38 would be good in overclocking?
  7. Of course, the X38 is targeted for enthusiasts after all. That particular board I pointed out is great for overclocking, but you might need to do some reading to understand what each setting in the BIOS does.
  8. Xigmatek HDT-S1283

    Xigmatek ACK-I7751 Crossbow Mounting Kit

    More at:

    DFI would be the king of overclocking, but you have to spend time on it or you're not getting much out of it.


    I use this TIM. Non-conductive. Applicable to anything: CPU IHS, chipset IHS/core, MOSFETS, etc.

    Arctic Cooling MX-2
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