Overclock AMD PII 940 BE

Alright so i recently got this cpu and im letting it burn in for a week or so, i ran prime95 to test it, and after about 5 mins it got to 45C. Just wondering if thats a decent temp, or if i should get a new cooler. thanks.
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  1. Hi, is a good temperature. Run the test for 1 hour or more, if your temperature is under 70C is good, if isn't think in buy a CPU cooler.
  2. ok, i have done some OCing before, but im not sure about what these new(ish) quad cores are supposed to be at. so i guess under 70C is ok?
  3. Yes, under 70C is safe, i have a 955 and always run under 68C. (i doesn't clean my case in a long time)
  4. ok thanks a bunch, even overclocked it should stay under 70c during stress test?
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    Yes, even OC it should stay unde 70C during the stress test.
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