need opinions on this gaming setup

hey guys
i need some opinions on this gaming setup. anything i should change/remove/add before i buy?

Case: -- $280

CPU*: -- $325

CPU Cooler: -- $70

Motherboard: -- $320

RAM*: -- $260

Graphics Card*: -- $460

Power Supply*: -- $300

Hard Drive*: -- $100

Floppy+Card Reader: -- $20

Keyboard: -- $90

Case Fans (x7): -- $45

Valve Complete Pack: -- $100 (can't have a gaming pc without valve! :D)

*RAM: will start with 4gb, upgrade to 8gb later
*Graphics Card: will start with one, add up to 2 later
*Power Supply: will possibly upgrade to 1500-2000w later
*Hard Drive: will start with 1, add up to 3 more later

thanks in advance!
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  1. *bump*
  2. Don't see any conflicts. Good luck.
  3. only thing i would change is get a 10,000rpm harddrive since you are already spending so much already and you would see a boost in load times and seek times.
  4. should i change anything in it before i get it?
    i'm looking for the best setup i get before the price gets ridiculous
  5. heatsink get a xigmatek half the price and more performance sorry not sure how to post link new to this board
  6. will the xigmatek fit in the case without removing any side fans?
  7. not to sure of the interior space on that case i would check for u but cant find interior specs. ones given are exterior but xig is not that much bigger maybe some one you owns one can give you height camparsion
  8. i just ordered a vendetta to try out on an old pentium 4 3.2 to try out the hdt tech i use watercooling on all my personal pcs i just know 9700 zalman is pricey for the performance it gives
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