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I am going to use a HAF932 case with air cooling and a i7920 with a zaleman9900

What can I use or what should I use to cool my HD5970
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  1. AIR. Strart wth increasing your fan speds with software. If not enuff, buy an aftermarket air cooler.

    Or my best choice, buy the round cooler, it's so round.

    Read up, you get it, use google and your GPU name, you'll figure it out.
  2. Liquid cooling is always a good way to go. I believe that card will work for liquid cooling.
  3. Although Graphics cards LOVE to be liquid cooled I would wait until you actually begin gaming and see what the temperatures are like. For gaming anything under 70 degrees is labelled as good. If it begins to get hot then adjust the fan speed in CCC or whichever program you use. I must ask do you have a cooling fan (intake) at the side of your case to blow cool air at the GPU/southbridge? that can have a big effect on GPU temperatures. I removed the stock paste off my GPU processor and put on some aftermarket thermal compound and I saw a 4 degree drop.

    If you still have cooling problems then have a look at cooling mods associated with your Graphics card.
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