Video Card Problems 8800 GTS

I have an Asus 8800 GT 640mb @ 550 mhz (factory settings)

I recently had a crash and when windows rebooted I noticed horizontal broken lines accross the windows loading screen.

When running 16 bit in windows there are vertical lines, but in 32 bit mode none. I have noticed all hardware acceleartion is not working. When scrolling up and down web pages its very choppy like there is no hardware acceleration.

When looking at my windows system my video card is not detected. I updated software, tried to reinstall, and deleted and reinstalled with no effect.

I updated all my windows software and updated my video card drivers. Scanned for viruses, run all normal software applications to find an error. Defrag and scandisk, no problems.

The computer still won't detect the video card.

My next steps are to:

a) Remove and reconnect card, and check all connections.

b) Check the voltages on the power supply to ensure the card is getting enough power.

c) I am considering buying a 40$ card to see if i get the same error.

d) I have been running 3 x 19" monitors at 3840 x 1024 resolution for about 2 years now on the matrox triple head to go with no problems. Could this have damaged the video card?

I have disabled all overclocking or any other modifications to eliminate them from my troubleshooting.

If you have had this problem or know a solution, or things I should try please add to this thread. Thank you for your suggestions and any help. If you have anymore questions please don't hesitate to ask, i will try to find them out.



Intel Core 2 duo 6400 2.13ghz (overclocked to 3.33 ghz disabled)
Gigabyte solid state harddrive at orginal settings v5 bios
2 x 1024 mb OCZ Gold 6400, 800 mhz ram (back to original settings)
Asus nvidia 8800 gt 640 mb video card at factory settings (never o/c)
680 watt power supply (Can't remember manufacturer, but very high quality)
3 x harddrives (considering disabling other 2 to ensure no errors)
Antec P 180 Case with all cooling installed, (very cool case)
Soundblaster Audigy Platinum soundcard
Haupauge TV Tuner
All connected to belkin powerbars.
3 x 19" monitors connected to matrox triple head to go adapter (disabled to one monitor now connected directly to video card.)
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  1. Unfortunately, it sounds like your video card crapped out on you. :( It sounds like you've pretty much tried all you can. And if this happened without any hardware or software changes on your part, I'd say its more likely your card just died.
  2. Thank you for your response,

    If the video card craps out, is it still possible for it to run partially like it is now. Computer runs, just kinda messed up with lines, and crashes when running games? When I get home im going to test a few more things but if it has gone out I will have to get another one. Is there a warranty on Asus Video Cards. I did not o/c this one, so if I can find the recipt would I have to contact asus, or the original seller to return it under warranty?

    If it is the video card, and there is no warranty, then I guess I will get a new one, a 9800 gt, gtx or a 260 gtx? When i turn the o/c back on itll be running at 3.2 ghz again, I find thats the most reliable setting. Is a nvidia 260 going to be limited by a core 2 duo running at 3.2 ghz?
  3. No, your CPU shouldn't really be much of a limiting factor for a 260. If there are lines on the windows loading screen then it's probably the card since the system shouldn't have loaded the GPU drivers yet, so yeah sounds like a dead card to me. I guess you should just get the best card you can afford ^_^.
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