Help me OC my radeon 4650

I purchased a Low profile radeon 4650 for my inspiron 531s, I recently swapped the motherboard into a new case and got a new psu, this is just temporary until I buy my i7 system. Anyway everything runs great, I can run cod4 on max settings and get like 30fps, I want to see if I can squeeze some more juice into my gpu and get some more fps, I use the auto tune in ati overdrive, and have also used rivatune, I have gone up 5mhz and ran tests to see if it passes, it passed up until I was at like 680/550 I think it was, it passed, I logged into tf2 and I saw red dots everywhere and restarted my computer and lowered it a little bit and ran tf2 again and then got a blue screen. So I decided to leave it alone.. I was sad that I finally have a video card I can overclock and I am having issues with it.. Any suggestions ? I have a Dell Insipron 531 with ASUS M2N61-AX motherboard socket am2..

Thank you
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  1. I think you're pushing the memory too high, if i move it above 500 it gives me artifacts. im at 685/500 from 600/400

    look at the top card (i have the same). hope it helps
  2. it doesnt matter usually how high I overclock it, It still bugs out. Thank you for your response.
  3. memory does not clock more than 30-50mhz....the shaders go easily 80+....stable....atleast with the 4830 this is the case....which vendor is it....if its msi or bfg, they usually overclock better....
  4. it's a saphire gpu, I have it overclocked to 665mhz and 447, it seems to be working fine now, before it wouldn't, im confused.. anyway how far u think I could push this? dont worry about high temps.

    thanks for your help
  5. i believe it's not possible to go above 700/510 at stock voltages without any artifacts/hangs. some games are more overclock friendly; played crysis for over an hour at 700/520 without artifacts. but STALKER SOC would crash even at 689/510 after 2-3 mins, so would far cry 1. C&C generals artifacts at xxx/500.
    temps are 37ºC @idle, 60ºC after 30 mins of crysis w/ everything at high.
    from what i read sapphire cards should overclock good, better than powercolor (my card) but being low profile is never good..

    a guy managed to get 770/500 by "upping the PCI-e clock to 105MHz":

  6. I got my card up to 750/533 on stock voltage/cooling... (I did use my own thermal paste though.)
    Guess I lucked out. GPU-Z/Furmark pics coming soon.
  7. wow, since I made this post I went from a 4650 low profile to a regular 4650, then a 9800GT EE and a 5770, I returned it and got a 5830 WOW
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