HD 3870 512MB DDR4 or 8800 GT 512MB DDR3 ??

Hello guys, I am getting 3 great deals. I need your help picking one of these :

1. (3850 512mb DDR3) - $60
2. (3870 512MB DDR4) - $75
3. (8800 GT 512MB DDR3) - $90

I just ordered a PC with : AMD Phenom 9600 2.3GHz Black Edition Quad Core/2GB DDR2 800 Memory/Onboard Video Chipset: ATI Radeon HD 3200 HDMI 896MB HyperMemory

I bought this for my brother who will be playing (Warhammer Online) and (Age of Canon Online) in about 4-6 months from now. He will be playing on a old 15in Standard CRT monitor, so I do not know what resolution is that ??

Now I know that 8800 GT will beat 3870 DDR3 but will it beat 3870 DDR4 ??

Which is the BEST deal !! please let me know what you think ....
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  1. First of all, since you are getting a 9600 and not a 9650 make sure when it arrives to enter the BIOS and disable the TLB bug fix to increase performance. That bug shouldn't affect him unless he wants to run it as a server or something ^_^. That 8800GT is the fastest of the bunch and will certainly beat the 3870. The 8800GT will allow him to set higher visual quality for the game. Still, a 3850 is a good deal at $56. If you want to be cheap, get the 3850. If you can spend the money, get the 8800GT. Just remember to uninstall the video drivers and disable the onboard video before you put in the 8800GT.
  2. probably the 8800GT is the best deal but it costs more also. It depends on whether you want to spend these $15 more. If you ask me, do it. I am with 8800GT and its great card for this money

    However I am not sure if you are able to Crossfire that 3200 IGP with 3870 and if so will it give some boost. :) Anyone?
  3. @ Megamanx00 - thanks a lot for letting me know all the other important info. I will certainly do that.

    Now I am thinking that Quad Core is really an overkill for just playing a couple of games online. I guess I should of done more research and bought an fast AMD x2 or Intel Core 2 Duo. Oh well, good for my brother I guess ....
  4. Even for an ati fanboy I say go with 88gt or if you can wait a little for the hd 4830 :P
  5. 10×7 is the max resolution for 15 inch get a bigger screen for at least 12×10 because even todays budget cards perform well at those res.
  6. 8800GT is definitely the fastest of the bunch. Probably 10-15% faster than the GDDR4 3870.
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