[Linux] Play video on second display?

I've asked this question on other fourms and not got any answers, so I figured I would try you guys as I read a thread on a similer subject earlier.

Okay first I'll set the scenario. I have a computer here running Mandriva 2008.1 (Linux) it has a nVidia graphics card that plugs into my monitor (1280x1024 @ 75hz) over VGA and also the card plugs into my TV over DVI (1360x768 @ 60hz).

I would like it so when I want to play a video file, I just power on the TV and run the *.avi (or whatever) and Kaffeine (my media player) opens in full screen on the tv, maybe I could keep the desktop on the primary monitor at the same time.

I hope this is possible, I know I can run both displays with different res. in clone mode so I don't see thier being much of a hardware limitation.

Anyhelp = thanks.
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  1. I use MPC (MediaPlayerClassic) to do this on winXP. I believe there is a linux port of that program. Regardless, I think that there shouldn't be any problems running video on the secondary output if you treat is as a second monitor (not necessarily clone). You'd have to ask around on Mandriva forums since as far as I know, it is OS-bound.
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