Graphics Card Upgrades for Dell Dimension 8400 Desktop PC?

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  1. It's got a PCIe x16 slot. So you can upgrade to pretty much any card. Keep in mind that you may need to upgrade the power supply to accommodate some higher end video cards.
  2. NVIDIA 6800 is totally burnt and can only get the lowest resolution on the monitor (VGA setting)
    Old posts recommended ATI (xfx) 4770 or GeForce 9500-9600 and Radeon 4670.
  3. Either of those would be decent choices. They are relatively low in power consumption. You may also want to look at the 5770. With XP you won't get the full advantages of the dx11 capability, but it's newer than the other 2 you mentioned, as well as reasonably priced.
  4. Those items will not need to upgrade the power supply?
    What about the 5770?
  5. The 5770 might be pushing it, but the 4770 and 4670 will likely be fine.
  6. Thank You Kindly.. Now I have to go shopping.. Any Leads?
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