Anyone heard of ULTRA case's ?

Looking for another case, I have been leaning towards the cm690 when I cam across these Ultra cases, They look really nice, I cant find much info on them, most of the review on tigerdirect are good, they have some type of modular power bar that looks rather interesting. prices are good to


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  1. they're ok

    nothing special... just lowend stuff that will work fine for a first time build
  2. ive take a look at the site. Seem to be cheap at my opinion. I own a 690 and love IT !

    bottom fan trow air directly to my 9800gtx+ fan, LOTTA fan hole, LOtta space, cable management system, nice HDD cage made os some rubber-plastic that eleminate vibration and are placed directly to the back of the front intake. i really love this RC-690. best case i Had !
  3. i myself have the CM690 and believe its the best case I've ever worked with - i modded mine and it was an absolute pleasure to do, on top of that i recommend the case to anyone i build for. its quiet, cool and looks good to boot. but look further into those ultra cases, try looking for reviews.
  4. Ultra has been marketing pc cases, psu's, and other products for quite a few years. As thogram mentioned the Ultra products are low end.

    The CM 690 is quite popular with the posters here.
  5. My brother owns an Aluminus case, I hate working with it and the side panel can bend sooo much I'm not even sure it's completely aluminum. I've had two of their PSU's one fried the other is still running, ok but not high quality. Go with the CM690.
  6. They are ok for a cheap case, but Rosewill is even of better quality than Ultra. Just remember when buying a cheap case to wear some gloves (those edges are sharp). Ultra likes to skimp on materials, their cases warp very easily. I ordered 1 and had it so badly bent that the MB would not mount.
  7. cm rc 690 it is then, maybe the nvidia ver.
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