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hey all, in crysis its hard to maintain a fps above you monitors refresh rate which mine is 60hz. tearing as i understand happens when your fps is above that of the monitor so it shows part of the next frame mixed with the last one creating a noticeable line or tear on the screen, to eliminate this you turn on v-sync and if you have it triple buffering and then the problem is solved, no more lines/tears. ok but when playing crysis w/o v-sync on a 9800GT, the fps never reaches the refresh rate of the monitor so i thought no need for v-sync. so i turn it off and the highest i get is about 53 fps but its usually around 40 fps (1440x900 res w/all high settings) and if my math is correct and my understanding of tearing/v-sync is right i shouldnt have tearing but i do. why/how is/can there still (be) visible tearing happening? the 9800GT cant pull off 60+ fps in crysis so at 40 fps avg why am i getting tearing? it makes no sense for there to be tearing if the fps is lower than the refresh rate. any and all explanations would be very helpful as this tweaks my mind. all the hardware is less than 2 months old and v-sync is set to application control in ncp.
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  1. There isn't a system available that can run crysis at 60 fps even at 1280x1024. I would suggest that if your system is, somehow, miraculously pumping out 40fps stable then you sir are incredibly lucky, so count your blessings.
  2. Im assuming you tested with something like FRAPS and didn't just believe the test counter that i believe comes with the game. I have the game and have played it but never used the in game benchmark test. If you are testing with the game test then i suggest you don't. It places the highest stresses possible on the Hardware as its job is to find the limits.
    Download FRAPS and run that during actual game play and see what numbers you get.
    You don't say what the rest of the system specs are but if they are close to your NO1 rig or indeed if you ran the GT in that rig then i see no reason why it shouldn't give you good frame rates at your resolution. 60 FPS at that res with low settings is possible not steady but it would run up to that at quiet times in the game.
    The tearing could well be a graphical anomaly similar to one that used to appear in Oblivion, Texture tearing was common in that game and wasn't to do with the hardware at all. A normal case of tearing would normally affect most of the screen while Texture tearing would only show up in small areas.
    Also its worth noting that tearing is caused by the Monitor and the GPU being out of Sync, usually due to the card being too fast but it can on the very odd occasion be down to internal timing, this is very rare but has been known.
    If you have triple buffering ability then you should use that first, after having upped the detail level as much as you can, then V-Sync if those two options don't do it. This approach is designed to leave you with the highest FPS while not tearing.

    Mactronix :)
  3. well i do use fraps when i play crysis and it usually showed about 37fps but i still got tearing like i was getting above 60fps. after the florida football game today when i get home ill use fraps and post some pics of it and then maybe you can help determine whats going on. and the 9800gt was running in the my 2nd rig from the sig but i upgraded it to a 9800gtx yesterday. the pics will be crysis running on my 1st rig.
  4. Try tweaking your refresh rate also you should be able to vary it between 60/65/72 and 75 I would have thought.

  5. ok now im confused, i can see tearing on my screen while im playing but when i use fraps to take a screen shot of it when i look at the pic theres no tearing line. so how would i be able to show you guys how bad it is? what program can i use, should i record a video or what?
  6. Quote:
    You could try playing about with the motion blur setting, perhaps that could help with some of it.

    However, that is damn nice fps you are getting, all settings high, 4xaa at 14 x 9 and i get around 35-40 fps myself midway through the recovery level.

    i cant do 4xaa but i use 2xaa at that res and get the same fps on my 1st rig with the gtx 260 core 216.
  7. Quick question for you, does it only happen specifically when you move or does it happen randomly in game. the reason being that if it is only when you move then it would indicate an internal timing issue rather than standard tearing.
    Have you tried changing the refresh rate yet. If it is a timing issue then you will haev no other course than to try and balance it up with a mixture of refresh rate tweaking, detail tweaking, tripple buffering (if you can) and turning on V-sync.
    What you said in your first post does of course stand to reason and logic would dictate that it should be so, but as i said earlier its not that simple amd other issues can cause similar effects. Cases of what looked for all the world to be tearing have been known to come down to driver issues in the past. What im talking about is called shearing, same differance really but its down to the timing between teh CPU the GPU and your monitor along with the game.
  8. well i run my pc on my hdtv thats 26" and its max resolution is 1360x768 and its max and only refresh rate i can find is 60hz. when i play crysis, i can look around slowly and not get tearing but if i look around fast ( like having a seizure) i can see tearing, also if a light is flickering in the game like for example on the ship with the lightning in the sky it has tearing and im not even looking around. any light that flickers repeatedly in the game it has tear lines in it. i have triple buffering on in my nvidia control panel but all this still occurs. i can enable v-sync and all this doesnt happen and with triple buffering i still avg 42+ fps but i avg in the 50's w/o v-sync but tearing gives me a headache. all settings are on high (everything is on high). it also tears when i shoot my gun, in the fire from the gun nozzle has little tear lines in it. so what do you think mac? and thanks for all your help so far
  9. havent tried low settings at low res yet. i can guess ill get ridiculous fps though, ill go try and post back

    also does anyone else think this was a short game? i just completed it like 10 minutes ago and it seems like i only played half a game. it does leave off like there will be a second game but this one seemed really short imo.
  10. ok at 800x600 res and all settings at low i get avg fps of 200. and v-sync is off and there is tearing you can see it when you shoot your gun and the nozzle fire has 2-3 tear lines in it. i can play with v-sync and i do but i would just like to know why i get tearing when my fps is lower than the monitor refresh rate, it makes no sense.
  11. From what you are describing it sounds like animation shearing as i was talking about earlier. It's complicated but basically when you or something on the display changes the card redraws the scene, but it can put this out faster than the refresh rate of your monitor and so it appears as tearing when it sends the frame before the refresh point. Although you are not using V-sync the monitor still wants to refresh and is expecting to at 60 mhz so if your card sends a new frame before that it will still appear as tearing. Now i don't know the specifics of HD TV but it could be that running it on the TV isn't helping. A very rough way to test this would be to run settings that give you 100 FPS and count the tear lines you are getting, if it goes down to 1-2 from 2-3 then that is an indication that it is indeed what i think it is. Its not 100% proof either way but the math works for 200 and 2-3 so in theory at 100 it should be 1.8 or 1-2 lines.
    Without the option of adjusting the refresh rate its difficult to tell and you will need to use V-sync to loose the tearing/shearing.

  12. all right thanks alot mactronix, ill just have to tweak stuff and see if i can reduce it.
  13. Sounds like the TV can't display more than 60FPS without tearing. Turn on V-sync, problem solved.
  14. gamerk316 said:
    Sounds like the TV can't display more than 60FPS without tearing. Turn on V-sync, problem solved.

    Did you even read the post? Seriously, if you're too lazy too actually read the whole topic, don't even post.

    Also, I'm sure this is me merely misunderstanding what you said, but in your first post you said you run the game at 1440x900 res. Then you said that the tv only supports 1360x768. Perhaps this has something to do with it?
  15. Quote:
    he has two comps with two different monitors, happens on both which is very odd IMO.

  16. I was having terrible tearing (what I think is tearing at least) and found that it goes away completely when I play in a window (not full screen)....
  17. I am playing on a 50" plasma HDTV. Windowed mode solved my shearing problem also. A little screen area is a fair trade for a headache.
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