Check the specs, let me know what you think

Alright, after all the help you guys gave me I have sketched up what would be a final buying list. Let me know what you guys think, if something should be swapped etc. Also have OS question that will be after list...



Memory (x2):





Disk Drive:

Now as for the questions, for pure gaming purposes, is 8 gigs currently the best way to go? or will it be hardly noticeable from 4?

Second, is 32bit or 64bit recommended for gaming purposes, if so which one? If these questions turn out to be slapped across the boards feel free to scold me and call me stupid for not searching more thoroughly.
As usual, thank you all for the time and help I know you will give.
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  1. You should get Vista 64, but you won't see much difference with 8GB vs. 4GB.

    It's also harder to get 8GB in all four slots to work.

    Only consider 8GB for things like video editing or modeling.

    Everything looks fine on your build.
  2. ^ agree with the Proximon. Good build, looks solid, 64 bit
  3. No advantage to 64 bit for games.
    No detriment either. 8 is better than 4, if 64bit.
    X48 boards are overpriced.
    x38 will work as well.
  4. Looks like a decent build except for one thing. That brand case is truly a cheap piece of crap. Buy yourself an antek 900 and get it over with. There will be those that disagree, but those that do don't have 100 cases a year go through their hands. Antek is solidly build and feels like it. The airflow is 10 times better, no cheap plastic hold downs for the add in cards or drives, etc.

    I have one.... ONE ! ( coolermaster ) I will never buy another........ for me, or for anybody.
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