How to stop the Intel Step speed???


I got a Q9400 CPU 2.66 Ghz but he is now running at 2000Mhz!!!

My temperatures are, 31oC- 27oC- 36oC and 27oC! and I'm running WinXP pro.

How can i stop the Intel step speed controll!! I want a full power of CPU (even more) but for yet!!!!

Your answers will be appreappreciated

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  1. Never mind people.... :)

    I've found it my self :)

  2. For anyone stumbling across this, Speed Step settings should be in the BIOS. Most of the time default is F2 at startup.
  3. thephilly said:
    Most of the time default is F2 at startup.

    You cannot say that. It varies from brand to brand. For example, with Gigabyte motherboards, it is the [DELETE] key.
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