Bsod's, random restarts, and slow performance in vista

hello. I am having lots of problems with my computer. First i get bsods all the time whether it be just at startup or when i use the internet or something else. second sometimes it just randomly restarts, and sometimes goes into an continuous reboot cycle. third, the performance is very slow as well. Also, sometimes it gets to the "dfi lanparty" logo thing it just doesnt boot at all and just sits there.

Here are my system specs.

vista home premium sp1
c2d e7200
radeon x1950xtx
2 gb ddr2 800 crucial ballistix
250 gb seagate hdd
dfi lanparty x38 t2r
antec 900

Here are some of the bsod codes i have gotten:

I m hoping this is a RAM, videocard, or powersupply issue.

pleases help!
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  1. clear cmos, load bios default, up ddr2 voltage a notch to no higher than 2.1v, memtest for 8 passes, if errors exist, redo this step with a higher vdimm:

    If no luck, these guys can help:
  2. ok ill do the bios stuff i already have my RAM at 2.2 v because that is what the RAM is supposed to have and i dont have a floppy drive so how can i run memtest, should i try a different stick of RAM ? i have an extra never used stick of ram although it its only 512 mb i bought it for this purpose, diagnosis
  3. Run Memtest as Auscanzukus has said but if Memtest comes up with any errors then remove one stick of memory and run it on each to see if one of them is bad. Even the best manufacturers let a bad part ship from time to time. I have had bad Crucial memory in the past, but I will add they have excellent service and support.
  4. Sounds like memory problem, But that can be caused by Bad memory, Temps, unstable /low voltages.

    (1) as mentioned, Run memtest86 from bootable CD. Download ISO image ( Floppy not req)

    (2) How are temps under load. Load system with orthos, or prime 95 For CPU. Run ATI tools "View 3D" to load GPU.

    (3) Monitor Voltages using CPUID HWMonitor, Note Min and max values as well as current values as you go from Idle to Load. +5V should not drop below 4.75 (Prefer no lower than 4.80) and +12 V should not go lower than 11.3 (Myself Prefer no lower than 11.6)

    Please add PSU model to configuration

    Editted to add links
  5. ok ill try the memtest thing, my temps should be fine i have played crysis and tf2 for many hours before this and actually yesturday i played crysis and counterstrike source for about 2 hours and i was fine but then it bluescreened when i wasnt home. i have a psu tester thing should i try that? and like i said i also have another stick of RAM should i try that?
  6. also my psu is a logisys 650 watt it has been running my pc fine since i built it in june 2008
  7. and also i cant really check the temps or voltages in windows because anytime i do anything in windows it bluescreens
  8. Have you tried Running just one stick at a time (Can also try different slots for the single stick).

    I editted my post to show links.

    On PSU, Not familiar with that one, BUT all PSU's can develope problems - EVEN good ones. I normally recommend buying a cheap Multimeter from (Radio shack, Walmart, or auto parts store) They are simple to use and can really help. In your case you could measure the voltages (+5V and +12V) under load (at a molex connector Yellow to black for +12V and Red to Blk for +5V). Note you can normally check in BIOS, BUT this is an unloaded reading But if on the low side you know it will drop lower under load..

    Off to Play pool, look in when I get back
  9. ok ill try all of the RAM stuff any other ideas?
  10. on the topic of bad RAM, remeber that i think i have the "bad batch" of single sided crucial ballistix. just throwing that out there......
  11. Read up on Crucial's Memory Voltages. Mine are stock 1.8V. 2.1 sounds higher for just DDR2-800

    I agree with auscan, Clear your CMOS and load default BIOS settings.

  12. on the topic of bad RAM, remeber that i think i have the "bad batch" of single sided crucial ballistix. just throwing that out there......
  13. my crucial ballistix is supposed to be run at 2.2 v but ill try all of that stuff so you guys are leaning toward a memory problem?
  14. ok so now i think have a bad power supply because i tested it and it said ll for 12v2 and then i trieds to power on my pc and the light on the videocard didnt light up and the computer starts then shuts off all by itself and then starts up again and i dont have any hdd activity what now?
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