Which gaming keypad?

I'm mostly an FPS RPG gamer with some RTS. Which one would best suite me (consider price).
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  1. The n52 feels like a regular keyboard. However it takes work to adapt it to your games. The work pays off. With the 3 different modes the n52te allows you to access 30 keys without moving your hand. I've used it successfully in WoW, UT III and Dead Space.

    I have the g15 and my problem with it was having to learn the key positions on top of their assignments. The others in the list feel so unnatural.
  2. If you want a great gaming keyboard go with razer. They cost maybe a little more than the others, but are awesome keyboard. http://www.razerzone.com/p-87-razer-lycosa-gaming-keyboard.aspx
  3. My keyboard I have is sufficient, great for media but not the best at games. Rather than get a gaming device that comprimises for all-around utility I think I'll keep my keyboard for keyboard things and get a gamepad for gaming.
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