ASUS Rampage Formula MB temp issue

Hi All

I have just purchased an Asus Rampage Formula Motherboard with an E8600 not overclocked at this point and running an Blue Orb 2 fan in a Thermetake Armour Case, I have the below temperatures and a bit concerned about the MB temp as my last board the P5K premium the MB never went over 35-40 yet the below temps are idle temps

CPU 37 C (happy with that even under load does not break a sweat)
MB 55 C idle
NB 47 C idle
SB 51 C idle

If i take the side of the case off MB drops to 48 as does the south bridge so around about 7-8 c cooler with the case side off, not sure what that means.

I know the x48 chipset runs hot and not too worried about the northbridge and southbridge temps but not used to 55 on an MB sitting at idle, I have a 8800 GTX Ultra OC and that generates a lot of heat so maybe it has something to do with the location f the MB sensor being affected by the GPU heat. There is no real apparent heat in the case and I am operating from an air conditioned room, thanks to any one who can offer any advice as I would like to see the MB temp around 40 at idle

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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    Your temperatures are fine. A little on the high side. You could add fans to the case. The computer will be noisier though.
    Not sure how dependable those temperatures are. The software may be incorrect.
  2. thank you

  3. I have the same problem... my MB temp is around 52degrees(@idle)... My friend has the same MB and his one reads normally(around 28 degrees). He has a crappier case and I have a nice high airflow CoolerMaster Storm Scout, which is designed for gr8 airflow. I'm beginning to wonder if my sensor might be funky...

    Maybe some1 can shine some light??

    Thx in advance
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