Question about mylar sleeve and 4-pin power connector (Seagate 750 gb)

I bought a 750 gb Seagate drive yesterday (7200.12, 750 gb, don't see a model number on it, date code = 10232 = Dec 6, 2009).

Normally when I get new hard drives, the mylar sleeve or bag that the hard drive comes in is completely sealed and I have to tear the mylar across the top to open it. But in this case the mylar was already cut straight across the top. The cut end was folded neatly and sealed (if you call it sealed) with two stickers. One sticker had a couple of barcodes on it and this text: Item HDSG001660. The other sticker had only this text: "The content is made in China". I don't think it contained a small desicant bag.

I'm wondering if anyone knows if what I'm seeing is indicative of a drive being returned (for any reason) and re-packaged for resale. Returned to the retailer, returned to Seagate, etc.

Also, I was not impressed to see that this drive does not have the standard 4-pin molex power suppy connector (all the SATA drives I have, which are mostly WD, have it). Is this standard for Seagate not to install the 4-pin connector on SATA drives?

(I know there are convertor cables and adapters, but I think the current-handling capability of the molex pins are superior to that of what-ever you call the SATA power connector).

PS: When I do a search for "HDSG001660", I get 2 hits. One of them is "Canada Computers". This is indeed where I bought the drive.
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  1. They may buy the drives in bulk without the packaging. I don't have any experience with that vendor.
    "SATA features more pins than the traditional connector for several reasons:

    * A third voltage is supplied, 3.3 V, in addition to the traditional 5 V and 12 V.
    * Each voltage transmits through three pins ganged together, because the small contacts by themselves cannot supply sufficient current for some devices. (Each pin should be able to provide 1.5 A.)"

    (there's more, but that part stuck on for me here). How old are the WD SATA drives you have with a molex connector? I have a 750GB black that I'm pretty sure only has the sata connector. Here's a link to the WD page, pics don't show a molex that I'm seeing.
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