9800gx2 Fan Speed!!??? I NEED HELP!

I need help Ive been trying to change the fan speed for my 9800GX2 all day. RivaTuner says it hasnt been tested with the latest display drivers, Ntune doesnt even seem to start, and when I go to Nvidida Control Panel, and go to performance, and agree to the terms and conditions, I get the blue screen. IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE TO CHANGE FAN SPEED!?? How can i take care of this problem?
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  1. who manufactured this card? in the case of some manufacturers, EVGA for certain, they have their own proprietary fan control/overclocking apps. EVGA precision works for all of their cards and lets you manually set profiles for fan and overclocking profiles. Works great. It's a shame ntune is such an awful piece of software considering these ship with such low stock fanspeeds. good luck.
  2. Rivatuner will work even with unknown drivers, just use it. :p
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