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Hard drives for music production

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March 3, 2010 2:14:11 PM

hi, im in the process of building a new computer for music production and im trying to decide which hard drive set up would be best.
my set up would be as follows:

c: os/applications/vsts
d: projects
e: sample library
and i will obtain a back up drive down the track.

the slowest areas of loading at the moment would be vsts and large audio files (based in the sample library) and the most used files would be the vsts and project audio. with the vsts i will also be using dfd, which streams the samples from the hdd other then loading into ram.

at the moment im thinking abut getting 2 150g velociraptors, which i can get for around $270, which i which i will use as drive c (os/applications/vst) and d (projects). then get a larger 500gb-1tb barracuda 7200.12, wd cav black or spinpoint f3 for drive e (sampler library).
this will all come to around $350, which is pretty expensive.
would it be a better idea to grab 2 wd raptor 74gb for drives c and d and a one of the larger drives for drive e. or should i just get 3 wd640's or something? which would be alot cheaper then the velociraptor path.
do you think the velociraptors would be worth it?
any recommendations?
should i think about raid?


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March 5, 2010 7:53:19 AM

never mind, i bought the velociraptors.
June 29, 2010 7:12:29 PM

I'm in the same boat as yourself before you purchased the velociraptors, I'm slowly gathering the kit I need to build my dream audio PC based around an I7.
I was thinking of buying a relatively cheap 75gig velociraptor for os and a barracuda tx 2TB with sata 3 support for sonar 8.5 and projects.. However I have also considered two 300gig velociraptors.
I was just wondering if you are happy with the performance of your twin velociraptors?