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I got a new system today that was missing a hdd and a cd-rom. I took those from the system I had that was having AGP issues and installed them. I did a completely fresh install of windows xp sp1 (only version I had). I knew that I was going to have to find the mobo drivers for just about everything related to it. After getting most of those situated I find that my Geforce 6200 graphics card is showing VERY bad resolution and color. The driver I have installed for it is the most recent that I could find and device manager says that its running properly. Could the resolution and color issues be because its still sp1 of xp and not sp2 or 3? Right now the res is 800X600 and its running 4 bit color. I'm updating windows as I type this but hope that someone can help me out while I wait. I really hope that its just a driver that I missed or that I just gotta keep updating. Links to drivers are greatly appreciated, thank you all.

Brief System Specs

AGP Video Card - Geforce 6200
Mobo - Intel D845GRG
CPU - Intel Pentium 4
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  1. 4 bit color? Does that even exist, lol?

    Im assuming youve already gone into the nvidia control pannel and tried to change the resolution and Colors to 32bit.
  2. Make sure you install all the drivers for the motherboard. That includes the display drivers. Try that and see if it works.
  3. Thats just it, I have no Nvidia control panel. Its kinda like the driver half installed itself.
  4. Well, reinstall the drivers. Not sure if the 6000 series is still supported by the newest drivers, so that might be a issue.

    **EDIT** Nvm, the newest drivers do have the 6200 on the list. Try digging up a older driver if the reinstall of the current ones dont work out.
  5. I thought that I did, I'll take another look at the drivers offered on the intel site for the board and see if I missed any.
  6. It was listed as a supported product, I made sure to check that first
  7. Ok, the graphics probably has resolved itself somehow (maybe in an update from windows). My current issue is that I am unable to get sound, I have tried to install both of the drivers that I found on Intels site for the audio but neither one will let me install it. In device manager the "Multimedia Audio Controller" has a yellow ? near it.
  8. well your going to have to get the make and model of that motherboard so you can get the proper drivers for it. yellow symbol means it found the hardware but doesn't know what it is
  9. Yea I have the make and model. Its an Intel D845GRG but the drivers that the intel site has error out when I try to install them
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