New CPU Cooler = unstable PC?

Hi, I recently installed a new CPU cooler and now my PC runs fine until I try to do anything with 3D graphics (game, demo...) then the computer restarts. I don't think it's a heat thing, because when my CPU was overheating, it would sound an alarm and then shut off completely, not just restart. Now there's no alarm and it just restarts. Can anyone help me? Thank you!
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  1. I haven't used prime95 yet, I definitely will give it a go when I get home this evening. idle CPU temps are 31 to 33 celsius.
  2. Did you use thermal paste?
  3. What PSU, make/model? What graphics card? What S/W when restarts?

  4. Thank you all. I did use thermal grease. The cooler I used is:
    this is the thermal grease:

    it's a lot better than the crappy aluminum cooler that was on there. graphics card is a Radeon 8500.
  5. Full specs, please.

    (Radeon 8500? wow.)
  6. Did you mount the HS correctly? If I remember correctly if it is mount wrong the cooler will contact the socket and not get full contact on the CPU.

    Otherwise I would think it could be a problem with you graphics card or PS.
  7. what happened was my CPU fan broke, and an alarm went off and my computer shut down, I opened it and saw that the fan was spinning in spurts, I bought a new fan and a copper heartsink (the aluminum one that was on there was very cruddy) I installed it with thermal compound, the new cooler went in easy, I read a lot on how to do it first to make sure I was educated about it. Now, the above described symptoms are happening, it's a different kind of shutdown, there's no heat alarm, and it restarts, it doesn't just turn happens whenever I run any kind of 3d application.
  8. Perhaps you accidentally touched and moved a capacitor a bit. I messed up an old mobo doing this, check if your capacitors near your cpu socket are good and are not bloated/leaking, also other general components mounted on the mobo?
  9. do you think that would allow the PC to function until a game is started and then crash...?
  10. well, I've had prime95 running for about 4 or 5 hours and my CPU temp hasn't risen above 36 Celsius. I'm starting to wonder if my video card is shot. It just seems like a coincidence that it happened right when I changed my CPU heatsink.
  11. Have you tried another PSU? Just to rule it out? Makes sense as there will be more of a current draw from it while playing.
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