PSU for 9800 gtx+

Hi! I'm going to be upgrading the psu and video card in the hp m8307c.

Here's a link to the hp desktop:
And the motherboard:

First, I'll list the power supplies I'm looking at:
(I bolded the psu that I'm preferring and wanting to buy.)

Secondly, the video cards:
(I bolded the video card that I'm preferring and wanting to buy.)

Here's a link to the specifications for the card I want to buy:

My concerns. I'll start with the power supply. I need one that can fully power something like this: Nvidia 9800gtx+, Quad Core 2.4GHz Cpus, 500GB HD, DVD-ROM RW/R, and that's about it. So this is not a big resource-intensive machine. I'd like to have the option to put in an HD 4870 or possibly a GTX 260, if it fits, but that's not likely to happen. This case is a mid-tower case as well, so the cords need to be long enough.

The video cards. I'd like to get the ASUS EN9800GTX+ DK/HTDI/512M because it's a recent card and I feel there's some benefit to that. I wanted an nvidia card because of psyX - the physics engine that nvidia is touting. I haven't heard much good about the havok engine that ATI supposedly built into their cards, based on what I've read. I expect psyX to become an increasingly important factor. The card itself is thin on either end, as well as the other one, which I think will allow me to slip it in there with just enough room to plug in some pci-e cables. My concern is that the specificationd say that it needs 2xPCI-E 6pin connectors. The "mushkin 550250 580W" has 2x 6pin PCI-E connectors - that must mean it doesn't have a 2+6pin PCI-E connector. The silverstone psu has both. The corsair model has 2x6pin, one of them has 2 modular pins for an 8-pin PCI-E slot - does that mean it has what is needed? And I'm a little worried the PCI-E cords aren't long enough to reach the video card, but they should be. They need to be 1-2 feet long probably. I notice that the corsair psu is supposed to have extra long cables for tower sized cases, and I hope that also applies to the PCI-E cables.

I almost went ahead and bought the corsair psu, but I did some more research and cancelled it until I can get some feedback here. I also looked inside my case to verify that a 10-10.5 inch card can fit in there - one that has similar shape/length as the ASUS model I listed above. It will, if I disconnect the firewire cable, and move the SATA0/SATA1 cables to SATA4/SATA5 - or it should. There won't be a whole lot of room behind it to connect the PCI-E cords, but I'm hoping that the connectors themselves (attached to the cable) aren't too big and that the cables are long enough to reach the back of the card - should be!?

Thanks for any replies, it's much appreciated.
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  1. I just put a 9800GTX+ in a case with a 500w Seasonic that has two 12 rails (at 16 and 17 respectively).

    My hardware is as follows:

    Core 2 Duo e6300
    2 x 1gig 667mhz DDR2
    250gig HD
    DVD drive
    CDRW drive
    Sound Blaster Audigy 2
    3 high end 80mm fans
    1 high end 120mm fan

    I took the gamble and gave it a shot. The GTX+ (as specified by Nvidia) wants at least 26 for the 12 rail (combined or alone). But, within that they are running a super high end Core 2 Duo.

    FYI: The 260 uses a ton more power than the 9800GTX+.

    My suggestion for a power source is to get something with a single twelve rail. They are much more stable than multiple rails. And, although they are a little pricier, go with a Silverston, if you can. High quality stuff, and a great warranty too. Corsair makes good stuff too.

    And, connecting with the cables suggested is always better than going with adapters, etc.

    It may be too late, but I hope that helps.
  2. I personally own the 580W Mushkin, and I put one in my wifes PC as well. Very good build quality and the modular cables are nice. Ive ran two 4850's off it completely stable during benches/stressing, and the wifes PC has a single 9800GTX with no issues of course.

    However I would go with the Corsair 750W . It has the connectors to do Crossfire/SLi with the 9800GTX if you ever decide on that, and has a single rail 12V @ 60A. Not to mention the very good price.
  3. That is a good deal.

    I forgot to mention: the Silverston DA series has the +5VSB running at 4.0. That is a good thing; many boards can be picky about the +5VSB, and having it run at 4.0 helps that.
  4. ASUS EN9800GTX+ DK
    I bought that exact card a little over a month ago. I didn't do any research, as I was actually after an 8800GT, which I found out they don't even stock anymore. He pulled that one out to show me; I had one look at the cooling, and I was sold.

    It does run cool. About 45 C at idle. New drivers knocked my fan profiles out, so I ran two runs of 3Dmark06 back to back, and checked the temp after, and it was at 58 C. Not worried about fan profiles now.

    I went from benching 8K in 3dmark06 with my 7950GX2 to 11K with the GTX+, using an E6600. I thought that was a pretty significant jump. Happy to be playing at some higher resolutions, better FPS. A nice upgrade for my system.

    I lucked into the cooling thing this time. Next time I'm in the market for a card, examining the different cooling solutions of my candidates will be my 1st order of business.
  5. If my setup runs on a high quality 500w psu your setup will be fine with a decent 400w.
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