How to recover data after raid controler dies?

I Had a Raid 1 setup using one of the built in raid controllers on my ASUS P5W DH DELUXE. The motherboard died and I am trying figure out how to get the data off my HDD

I think I used the Intel (ICH7R) controller but I'm not positive. I think I may have messed up one of the drives when I had windows try to mount it, so only 1 drive left to try with. The new board does not support raid.
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  1. RAID 1 carries less risk when run on a motherboard RAID controller than RAID 0 does. Further, the implementation of RAID 1 is usually such that the drives can be used outside the RAID 1 if it breaks. In other words, if your motherboard dies, you can generally take one of the drives of the RAID 1 and put it in another computer by itself, and read your data like normal.
    Put it in another computer as a data drive.
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    I would recommend that with the drive that you think you "messed up" use that one to install a new OS on unless you have a different drive. Then you should be able to simply plug in the other drive and read the contents (make sure your board does not try to boot from this spare drive)
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  4. A frequent poster here, Submesa, recommends booting from an Ubuntu LiveCD - it contains a special driver that recognizes most RAID formats. You should be able to boot the system with the formerly RAID-ed drives attached to ordinary non-RAID ports, and the system will recognize them and let you copy the data to, say, and external USB drive.

    Perhaps submesa will chime in here, but that's my understanding of what you should be able to do.
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