Is this 500w psu good enough or swap with the 650w? [SOLVED]

Hi, just received my raidmax sagitta 2 tower ready for my first build, my current pc was made up by one of those sites where you customise everything and they build it.
Anyway on my current pc that was built around 5 months ago i selected a 650w transparent silent blue fan, which looks great, but the fan is small and is facing away from nearly everything.
Now the psu that came with my sagitta 2 is only 500w in plain grey, i dont know if its silent or not but it has a huge 120mm fan blowing down, which im thinking would be better for components, such as extra cool air on my ultra 120. Let me break it down a bit let me know what do:

650w atrix psu
Transparent Blue
Fan isnt as good - but comes with fan controller
Only 16a on the +12v rail

500w raidmax psu
Dont know if its silent
Plain grey by the looks of it
Bigger 120mm fan blowing downwards - no fan controller
22a on the +12v rail

I like the 650w i have, but with the extra cooling of the 500w looks more better, but has no controller and looks boring. Im more interested in which i would benefit from more, i like the blue one much better but if the 500w performs better - in terms of the 22a and 120mm fan i will stick with the raidmax psu.

Its going to be powering these components:

Abit ip35 motherboard
Q6600 - OC to 3.6ghz at somepoint
8800gt 1GB
500gb HD
1x samsung lightscribe
TT ram cooler
TT HD cooler
Dual PCI TT slot fan
TT Ultra 120 with a TT 120mm led fan
SB Live 2! sound card

Really appreciate the advice, which do i choose between the 650w or 500w?

Many thanks!!
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  1. Both PSUs are bad choices.

    Please (for your own sake) consider a respected PSU seller.

    I don't know what your budget it, but a Corsair or Antec Earthwatts is worth the $50 or so it would cost in terms of life expectancy of your components, and will likely power your next build as well.
  2. Drop both of those PSU's off a cliff. Pick up a 550W, or 650W PSU from: Antec, Thermaltake, Corsair, PC P&C, OCZ, or if you DO NOT live in a 220 area Silverstone/Seasonic. (the silverstone/Seasonic have terrible power convertors for 220 input).
  3. Sounds like you're more interested in form than function. Your power supply can never be too big. It's the cheapest insurance you'll ever buy for any computer regardless of what it looks like.
  4. ok then i think im going to wait until after christmas, its going to be too late to get a psu now ordered in time. so im gonna put the build off until then, im going to make my budget around £35/$52 - ive spent too much already on these pc's and parts etc.

    i was thinking then would a 550w be powerful enough? im not going sli, so i figured go for around 550w but with a better +12v amp, better fan, controller etc. im impressed with TT products so i mght look into theres.

    Thanks again
  5. djvibes2007 said:

    i was thinking then would a 550w be powerful enough? im not going sli, so i figured go for around 550w but with a better +12v amp, better fan, controller etc. im impressed with TT products so i mght look into theres.

    Thanks again

    The question is not merely the rating of 550wts, but how many amps are on the 12v rail(s). Also of concern is the general quality of the PSU in question. There are a lot of cheap PSUs around, and they are cheap for a reason, which is usually a lack of quality.

    A website to check for good PSU recommendations is:
  6. If you want a really good PSU for that setup get this Corsair 650TX for £69.99:

    There's also a PC Power & Cooling 610W, same price,
    but the 650TX is a bit more powerful and has better PCI-E connectors (6+2 pin rather than plain 6-pin)
    (Edit: the 8800GT only needs a 6-pin connector, no 8-pin, so the PC P&C would be fine. However, your next video card may need an 8-pin connector.)

    There's an Antec 650W for 59 pounds too:
  7. ok, well im thinking of building the machine up now with this 500w psu, and then swap it for a better one later. a bit pricy those ones, i think 500w good quality brand might be better. unless i do increase my budget.

    Thanks all
  8. There's an Earthwatts 500W for 50 pounds, for example. That should be enough for your current setup, but it's a lot less likely than the 650TX to be reusable in your next PC.
  9. I agree, a Earthwatts 430 or 500 should be plenty for that system. It you intend to upgrade in the next couple years get the 650TX or something so you won't have to buy a new one when you upgrade (whole system, or just video card).
  10. well i dont mind getting a 650w or so which would be future proof but i dont think i would really upgrade anything too extreme, maybe just the gfx or something, but im happy with the parts i have. i might be able to get a good psu cheap in the january sales. i think im going to look for something like:

    Fan Controller
    120mm fan

    Cheers all!
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