I need to overclock this prescott 3.0ghz

hi, i have the following sys:

p4 3.0ghz prescott
1 gb 533 mhz ram ddr2-samsung (512 x 2)
corsair hx620
ati radeon 5970

since i spend all my money on the graphic card, i cant upgrade the processor or mobo at the moment.

My motherboard is this one:

MSI MS-7173

and this is my cpu cooler....

Hyper N520

Question : How can i overclock my 3.0 to 3.8ghz????
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    I would recommend reading the manual, focusing on the BIOS section first to make sure there are settings that will allow you to OC. At a minimum you will need to increase the Front Side Bus and CPU voltage, and there's no assurance that you can OC the CPU to 3.8 GHz. The Manual link is on the page you provided under the Downloads links on the upper left-side of the page, but it gave me a page stating "***Note: ALL file downloads have been suspended indefinitely due to server bandwidth issues"
  2. Wow a 3ghz pentium 4 with a 5970?

    And I thought those people in 2007 with 8800GT's and 3ghz Pentium 4's were crazy!

    Anyway go into the bios and try to find how to raise the cpu fsb, that'll overclock it, if no option is there your kinda SOL. Pay careful attention to temps though, you don't want to go past 65c at load and even thats a bit hot.

    Pentium 4's are heat monsters.
  3. man, can you believe it, i am running modern warfare everything high, no problems at all...but comes with huge amount of loading times....maybe i forgot to mention that bose qc3 headphones to go with it 270£.

    I think my motherboard is not supported......what about the core i3, is it any good to go with this card....
  4. increase the fsb in your bios to oc your cpu.
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