Which is the better gaming sound card?

These are the two cards I'm looking at, and running Vista 64

ASUS Xonar D1


I'm only concerned about it's gaming sound and performance, I don't care for music, HTPC, recording or any thing in relations to that.

The primary game this will be for is Lord of the Rings Online, with occasional CoD 4/5, Supreme Commander. I had enough of Creative, still getting BSoD after so patches, they never fixed this. I'm sick of the lack of Realtek support for the game, and they still only have a very old beta driver to restore 5.1 sounds, and the sounds are not stable, they keep peaking up on me, even when I turn the ingame sliders down.
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  1. I have a Striker connected to a 5.1 system, and I'm really happy with it.
    The ASUS also receives good reviews, but I haven't heard it myself.

    One strange thing I find with the Striker, is I have to open the sound utility and send a test sound to one of the rear speakers to 'initialize' the 5.1 sound. If I skip this step and go directly into a game, I only get 2 channel sound.
    Crysis, HL2 and many others just would not be the same without hearing which direction the incoming fire is coming from.

    I could never go back to 2 channel gaming sound.
  2. I assume you game with 5.1 speakers? In which case, i'd go for the Xonar if I had an extra floppy power connector.

    In terms of FPS, benchmarks show the fatal1ty sound card to be better than all the other ones (by 1-5fps). The Xonar has the better sound quality, again according to benchmarks, but it is slightly less convenient to use because of that extra power cable requirement.
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