normal rates for gtx260 core 216 or a dud?

hi, well i had a problem wiht my cpu overheating earlier and performance dropped. i solved this issue with a zerotherm nirvana and some arctic silver and now im stable from stress tests. my problem still is that im always at least 1.5-3k which is about 9k and 3.5 in extreme under everyones else score in 3dmark vantage and 3dmark 06 and im only getting around 40 fps on highest detail on cod4, when i should be getting 100 or so. i know its not my cpu anymore so my only question is, is my gtx 260 core 216 superclocked a dud? also when i used the evga precision tool to overclock, i would get artifacts and i would eventually crash in 3dmark vantage. could this also be a motherboard issue? and yes i know i need to get sp1 but that shouldnt raise fps by 50. thanks so much btw system specs are Q9450, 4gb 1066 ocz ram, foxconn p45a-s, evga gtx 260 core 216 superclocked, 150gb raptor, 650tx corsair power supply, antec 900 case. running vista 32 stripped
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  2. IF you're getting artifacts that means you've pushed it past the limit. Make sure you've conducted numerous tests so use ATI tool and run it for at least 1-2 hours and ensure there are no artifacts on your screen during this time. Also check the temp of your graphics card you might've pushed it too hard and so it's trying to down clock.
  3. im getting no artifacts but im getting only 35 fps on max detail on 1600 resolution in call of duty 4 on scoutsniper mission. this is probably the hardest lvl for a graphics card but i should not be getting 35 fps...confirm?
  4. sry dude, I don't have COD4 but your card shouldn't struggle with it, that i agree... What about your temps? How are the temps running? Also what resolution and settings are you running at?
  5. im running cod4 at max settings at only 1650x1200 resolution. this is an easy feat for a gtx260 core 216 with my set up. my temps are only 55c under load maybe 57 but i still only get 35 fps on the scoutsniper map which is the hardest hit map on cod4 but every test shows a a minumum of 90fps. i dont care if i get 90 fps but 35 is not what it is suppose to be. also all my settings in the nvidia control panel are maxed except for AA which is at 4 and anisotropic is at 16...still an easy feat for this card
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