Need a Replacement for my crappy Asus Striker II Extreme

I recently had trouble with my Asus Striker II Extreme motherboard. I had it running with 8GB of DDR3 RAM. For weeks everything worked just fine, then it failed with 0xA error. All that worked was leaving it with 6gb of RAM, I couldn't even run the Vista boot CD.
Now I know its not the RAM (tested every dimm).

I want to get rid of this crappy motherboard and get a good stable one. I would like suggestions for a replacement to it, with similar specs, ddr3 memory, quad core, etc. No overclocking needed, what I do need is stability.

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  1. I would rma the board to asus, and just wait for a replacement. ddr3 boards for socket 775 aren't cheap, unless you want to buy used. I have a spare asrock board, but it only has 2 ddr3 slots. You can also check newegg or mwave for open box specials.
  2. :( no RMA
    I bought it in the USA about a year ago and now I don't live there anymore.

    But I do want to buy a new one, I know they are expensive. =)

    Any suggestions?
  3. The Intel DP45SG looks like the best value for non overclockers; it's about $150 in the usa. Asus has the most ddr3 models, but they aren't cheap. You could also try ebay for a used one.
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