Could i RAID 0 three Samsung f3 1tb and achive ssd speeds?

What if I RAID 0ed 3x Samsung f3 1tb? :love:
Wouldnt it have the same speeds as a good ssd?
And 20x more storage space. At half the price... Just thinking.
Granted, it would use more power, and be really loud, but still... :bounce:
Plus, the chance of a hdd failing is so little that 3x higher risk of data loss does not really matter either.

What do you think? :)
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  1. No, you would still have the access time of a mechanical HD compared to the near instant of a SSD.
  2. Yeah, but i am in doubt about that actually. The f3 has right around a 30ms response-time, 0.03seconds. Is that the time it takes it to find every file, or just the time it takes to respond to a command?
  3. If you had 800 HDDs in a proper RAID0 you could match the IOps rate of some SSDs; but not the latency of course:

    40.000 IOps / 50 IOps per HDD = 800 HDDs needed for 40.000 IOps.

    As you can see, SSDs are pretty fast.
  4. You can't get the performance because IOPS matter so much.

    But I get the data speeds with my 3x Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB RAID0/RAID5 combo.

    425MB/s on HDTach across my 300GB (3x100GB) RAID 0 partition. I get 225MB/s across my 1.66GB RAID 5 partition.

    But I'm itchin' for an SSD so I can switch my HDDs to fulltime RAID 5.
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