CS:S and My 9800GT..

ok basically i'm querying why my fps is so low on cs:s or if it should be at that rate.

my 9800GT ranges from fps of 30-120 in serious gun fights my fps drops to 30 and just in general 50 fps for a Nvidia 9800GT is worse than my old card the 7600GT!

The settings on the game is all high and no AA with no HDR on.

my system specs are

550W power supply
2GB Ram DDR1 PC3200 4x512's
AMD 4200+ 2.21ghz socket 939
DFI-Lanparty Nforce4 Ultra-D motherboard
Xpertvision Nvidia 9800GT 512MB DRR3
80GB HDD IDE 7200rpm

It may be my processor, but im not fully sure please provide as much help as you can :)
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  1. my resolution 19" 1440x900 :) 75hz
  2. Yeah your processor seems to be giving your graphics card a bit of a bottleneck. If you can try to OC it to around 3 ghz and you should see frames improve.

    Make sure your video card has proper cooling (check the temps) and update your drivers as well.
  3. Get a SATA hard drive on next payday
  4. kawininjazx said:
    Get a SATA hard drive on next payday

    While I agree SATA HDDs are the way to go, your post in no way addresses the OPs problem with FPS in CS:S. GTFO pls

    To the OP:

    I agree with Murdoc that a CPU bottleneck could be the culprit. Overclocking or upgrading the CPU may help. Also, what brand of 550w power supply is that? Check the rated amperage on the 12v rail(s) and make sure it is enough to power your 9800GT. (amperage is more important than wattage)
  5. nforce 4? could IT be bottlenecking the pci e bus? i think so...
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