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Hello all. I am having an issue tyring to get my PC to recognize a printer which is attached to my wifes pc about 6' to my left. We are both online using a Linksys Wrt160N router. I am hardwired and she is using it wireless. I set up a small home network using the wizard in XP. and I can see her pc shared folders and she can see mine. However I cannot get my pc to see the HP Deskjet F340 printer she has connected to her. I tired browsing and tried setting it up via the TCP/IP nothing. However I am not 100% positive that I was using the correct printer IP address as I did not know 100% how to verify I had the correct number. Anywho.. if you ole guru's of printer networking can steer me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and have a wonderful afternoon.

Out here,
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  1. To get the IP address of a PC, go to a command prompt and type ipconfig.

    How is the printer connected? Attached to her PC via a USB cable? If so, has it been shared? If not, then you'll never be able to see it from your PC.
  2. On your wife`s computer go to: CONTROL PANEL - PRINTERS AND FAXES and open the properties for that printer. Click on the PORTS tab. You should be able to see the IP address of that printer somewhere. If not see your printer manual on how to print its configuration page and check what the IP address is like that.

    On your computer go to: CONTROL PANEL - PRINTERS AND FAXES. Click on ADD PRINTER. Choose LOCAL PRINTER - CREATE A NEW PORT - STANDARD TCP/IP PORT In the printer name type the IP address of the printer. You should have your printer driver. I think it will ask for it.

    That should do the trick
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