Pentium 4 2.55Ghz vs Celeron D 3.1 Ghz

Ive got an ASRock 775V88+ mobo:

Previously had a Intel Celeron D 336:

Decided to add a bit more power to the system and upgraded the CPU to Intel Pentium 4 550:

The new P4 is supported by the mobo, put it in my system and resetting CMOS and BIOS etc, and the system won't even start windows (just before it starts windows it restarts)

Ive tweaked with settings and components, and ive finally narrowed it down to the FSB i think. I was able to boot successfully and stress test windows when i manually switched the FSB to 150 MHz. While system is stable, as you can probably see, my CPU is underclocked! (17x Multiplier, so its speed is 2.55 GHz when its supposed to be 3.4 GHz!)

With my old celeron processor, bios automatically set the fsb to 133 (though ive been able to overclock it to 149, giving me 3.1 GHz since the multiplier is 21x) and with my new p4 the bios sets fsb to 200 (obviously to reach 3.4 Ghz). So naturally im guessing its due to my RAM since i have DDR-333.

I had no idea that I had to look into all this detail! As far as i saw, ddr-333 was supported and so was p4 3.4 ghz so i tried and it fails to work!

Anyway, long story short, I can only achieve either FSB 150 with 2.55GHz P4 or FSB 149 3.1 Ghz Celeron D, so which one do you think I should take? I would say the Celeron D due to faster clock rate but P4 has hyperthreading, does that make a big difference?

Ideally I would like to stick with the P4 and attempt to push up the FSB however i tried and it doesnt work (system doesnt even boot, or is very unstable). I dont think its an issue with PSU since its 550 Watts and temperature wise max has been 56 C under load. Any comments/suggestions?
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  1. Are you sure your problem isn't in the RAM timings? make sure you're not over clocking your ram by accident.
  2. what setting exactly can i check to see if the ram is being overclocked? what kind of ram timing should i be expecting? sorry, ive done overclocking but at a very basic level (just processor) and am fairly new to it
  3. Hes right, take a look at your mem timing. I dont wich brand-speed-timing you have but maybe this is just the ram that "kill" your cpu.

    In bios can you see any place where you can change mem timing and where you can set the cpu-mem speed Sync or unsync to prevent this.

    By UNSYNCing you can OC proc without ocing memory.
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