Do they make case fans that can put on the bottom of cases?

I'm talking about specially fans that are made to be put on the bottom of the case to push air up with no vents under them. Do they?
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  1. I had to think about your question. If there are no vents/perforated mesh in the bottom of the case, then you would need to elevate the fan so it could suck in air in the bottom and blow it out the top. I have seen a do it yourself job job like that but nothing that is available from online vendors.
  2. yes, he is right, but ANY fan can work horyzontal or vertical. just have some hole in the bottom and your good to go !
  3. The only thing I can suggest along those lines is a PCI slot fan like this or this
  4. hmm, ok. Well I plan on getting the Cooler master 932 HAF and I was wondering if there are any other places to put fans, except where they already are?
  5. First of all the PSU mounts in the bottom of that case (although you could also mount it in the top)

    The HAF in the name stands for High Air Flow, I think you might be better off getting it and seeing how it performs before you decide anything. There is a opening in the bottom of the case so that if you're using a PSU with a top mounted fan you can flip it and have the PSU pulling air in from the bottom. If you did decide to install the PSU in the top you could mount a fan in that hole.
  6. if you want more fan, go for teh RC-690. can stick 8 fans to this stock body, 8x120-140mm + 1x80mm under mobo.

    RC-690 HAVE a bottom one
  7. yeah i know that the PSU is at the bottom.
    I was gonna get ateh 690 but then people said "oh no get a full tower it will be more future proof"
    Is the 690 better than the HAF, as in cooling and everything else? What are each there pros and cons?
  8. I'd be a little more paranoid about dust bunnies with a fan on the bottom of the case, but I guess it wouldn't be too much different than front-intake fans that are only a few inches from the bottom of the case.
  9. My comp is on the Desk ... i dont have that much dust.

    The bottom fan throw air DIRECTLY to my 9800gtx+ intake ... awesome !
  10. On the desk is the way to go. My P180 won't fit on my desk so I had to go with floor placement, and I'm so happy it has filters. I now clean the filters every two or three days, but it only takes about 2 minutes. Does the RC-690 have filters on the vents or can you apply after-market filters to the vents?
  11. can someone please answer my question?
  12. If you want a fan to move air with no intake vent on the bottom all you have to do is use longer screws and several washers or short threaded pipe for lighting fixtures, or other small pipe. If you can't find short enough pipe cut it down with a hack saw. Hell, a Bic pin housing could even be cut down to size and be used. Use you imagination.

    In direct answer to your question, no I have never seen a fan that wasn't designed to pull in cool, or push out warm, air through vents. Barring those little clip on ones for spot cooling.
  13. I have the haf932 and it has a spot on the bottom for a 120mm fan.
  14. nice to know :)
  15. You mean you didn't look before asking the question?

    First hit on Google for "haf932".

    [CM] HAF932 price, more details, and release date - -

    Next time do us all a favor and put at least one ounce of effort into it before you start a moot thread.
  16. i didnt asked it ;) i just told the 690 have one ;)

    as i can see, if you mount you PSU bottom, you CANT ... the fan hole are just under the PSU ...

    the 690 can have a fan with the psu on bottom.
  17. CM-690 has a bottom mounted dust filter/fan slot plus the PSU fan slot... then another 5 fan slots plus the "ghetto" ish adding a fan below the DVD drive. awesome cooling on a budget ;)
  18. I have my psu on the bottom as well as a 120mm fan. I have an antec 650 psu and there's still a good inch between it and the 120mm fan.
  19. boulard83 said:
    i didnt asked it ;) i just told the 690 have one ;)
    Did you read my post? Clearly I was responding to the OP. Key words were "You mean you didn't look before asking the question?" and "before you start a moot thread". ;)
  20. ;)

    Still nice to know wip ! thx for the info !
    On the pics Zorg posted, fan hole seems to be under PSU (or the fixture we see)
  21. wink. wink.
  22. ok thanks for the info, but will one 120mm fan fit on the bottom with the psu still there?
  23. No, it appears you will have to put the PSU at the top. With the giant side fan and all of the other fans, the airflow in that case will be a vortex, you are being paranoid. Take a deep breath.

    If you have a card with the insanely slow default fan speed profile then use ATI tray tools or Riva Tuner to set a proper profile and skip there bottom fans altogether. They are, how do you say, redundant to the point of being ridiculous.
  24. ok nice. But should I get the 690 instead?
  25. Both cases have very good airflow and both can have bottom fans. The RC-690 is cheaper, the HAF932 is larger.
  26. WAIT! HOLD EVERYTHING! I have a CoolerMaster HAF 932 case that I modified slightly. Two 120 mm fans can be mounted in the bottom of the case. The fans can suck in air through the perforated mesh in the bottom of the case and blow the air up into the case. You'd just have to mount the psu in the top of the case in order to be able to do it.

    In my case I installed a Corsair power supply in the bottom of the case. A 120 mm fan can be mounted in front of the psu.

    Take a good look at the last photo on this web page and you'll see the perforated mesh in front of the bottom mounted psu:
  27. For the record - it is possible to mount a grand total of eleven 120mm case fans in the CM HAF 932 not counting cpu heatsink, chipset, or video card fans.
  28. ^or you could just buy a CM 690 for exactly half the price and double the looks ;) probably better cooling too... those fans might be big, but they are quiet and push as much air as my big toe.
  29. V3NOM - I wasn't too crazy about the looks either. Just wish I had a machine shop and a milling machine in the garage so I could do a case mod like the pro's. You're right about those large fans. They're running at 800 rpm. They don't push as much air as the Scythe S-Flex 120mm fans I installed.
  30. all RIGHT ! my 690 is loaded with 120-140 mm fans, all those can run 1600-1900 RPM with fan controler. System can be awesomly quiet, but can also FLY if needed to.

    Sry but i like my RC-690 ;)

    P.S. the bottom fan is a +++ (HAF have it to) it throw air DIRECLTY to High end GPU intake ....
  31. if i HAD a cm690, you would not hear the end of this :lol:.

    imo, the cm690 is the best, most beautiful case ever designed by mankind. i;ve spent hours poring through photos on the 30 page CM 690 modding thread at XS... eye candy indeed. Beautiful stock, so simple to mod, crazyily awesome airflow, toolless design, vibration reducing rubber hard drives and PSU mounts (which is more than some more expensive cases can brag about!).... the list goes on.

    CM 690 FTW!
  32. love ya V3NOM ;)
  33. As for the original question, No but you can always cut your own hole :D
  34. well, 690 it is then
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