30gb Vertex SSD for OS?


$67.47 after BING cashback and mail in rebate.

Would I benefit? Win 7 on a 7200.12 currently. Basically I use Chrome and WoW on this box. Thinking of grabbing one of these for the OS and apps and delegating my 7200.12 for storage.
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  1. Hmm...
    I would take a 60gb instead, to put some programs on it too.
    And make sure that it has TRIM.
  2. Benefit is very subjective. If you are doing a lot of HDD work then you will probably see a lot of difference. If not, you might be better investing the money in something else like a new GFX card or a second monitor...
  3. Or a nice chair for your bum bum
  4. It's around 2x faster if you go by YouTube videos :) There are tests there, okay? :)

    Yeah, I agree, 60GB min. but have a 1TB drive for storage for data/videos/ whatever you need that doesn't need to fill up the OS drive. Use the SSD for the OS, OS files and core programs.

    I think one of the benefits of SSD drives over legacy HDDs is no moving parts. Also, less heat and power consumption so there are some advantages besides speed. Question is, is it worth the price right now???? Hmmmm....
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