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So I have a e7300 in my downloading box....I occasionally play games on this pc so I have the cpu oced to 3.6 thru the bios. But when I oced intel speedstep stopped working and I don't want my cpu to run that fast while its downloading because I want to be able to turn off my fans at night so i can sleep lol. Does anyone know of any software that would allow me to set a cpu profile of it severely down clocked and have it kick in at idle?...The only program i know of thats close to that is nvidia system tools where u can make a profile and have it load the profile after the cpu is at idle. But everytime i change a setting windows locks up
UPDATE: I got C1E to work so now it drops the multiplier to 6 when the cpu is at idle but it still keeps the voltage up really high.....Is there a way to change that? The I7s do a much better job at this then the core 2 lines
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  1. No,I dont know such softwares like that in my knowledge!
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    I turn off SpeedStep, then after I have finalized all my OC settings, I turn it back on. When my systems idle (Q9550, Q6600, and E5200), they all run at X 6 rate. When the load increases, they run at full speed.

    The CPU voltage however does not drop back.
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