Building a storage server, driving me crazy.

Hi there, I am building a storage server to store backups of data.

The chassis / expander / back plane is:

The motherboard is:

Raid Controller is:

2x250GB Western Digital Server drives
12x2TB Seagate ST32000641AS

Okay, we finally got this beast put together and we were fairly impressed with the chassis, etc but it turns out we are having major problems.

The 2x250GB drives seem to work *FINE* but the slots in the chassis don't light up when we plug them in *weird*.

The 12x2TB drives are crazy, the adaptec controller reports they are 1.5Gb drives, drives stop working and then start working again at random, certain slots are picky and it takes multiple reboots to make them come back alive.

Has anyone been successful with this combination of raid controller/expander? I am just having a hell of a time getting this thing to run stable.

Adaptec is telling me that it is the hard drives because they are 'desktop drives' and not server drives, but i've heard that for years and it has never caused a problem before.

Any ideas?
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  1. Stop using hardware RAID, its obsolete anyway if you will be using ZFS.

    But, i'm missing what OS you are running here. If its a windows server there's little you can do (other than moving to something better).

    I have no explanation for the controller to detect your drives as 1.5TB though, as 2.0TB is the limit for 48-bit/64-bit LBA. For software RAID, you should connect the HDDs to the chipset SATA ports when possible.
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