Tesla c1060 screen shrinks

i am using this card but when i render 4d live images...my screen shrinks zooms out becomes small to 70% of the size...only happens while rendering... :o

my spec is :

core i7 920
2gb ddr3 corsair tri pack
tesla c1060
colorit 500w psu
23" Full HD
128gb SSD
1TB 7.2 32mb sata


P.S : I could not find my old post, newbie here, so please help.thanks all. :hello:
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  1. hey, tesla expert here.......

    this card takes about 200w at max power and 50w amperage....while your psu has 20w.....this colorit psu is good for 4850, 4830, 5750s, 5770, 4770 and 9500gt, 9600gt, but not your card.....

    start thinking about corsair hx, tx,vx series supplies.....
    a guy in my office had the same problem....the screen shrinks because card requires more power and there isnt sufficient available....

    Alternately you can go to Preferences.......Nvidia Power mizer.....Max throttle set to 50%......that way it will take long but will be stable....

    If you want to overclock as i saw your other thread.....power mizer will need to be disabled....they work against each other....
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